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Moleskine® 3 Black Pencils

Moleskine® 3 Black Pencils


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For writing, drawing or highlighting,
Moleskine offers both black and
highlighter pencils. With different
leads, Moleskine pencils can also
be clipped onto any Moleskine
notebook cover thanks to the
special cap.

3 Black pencils:

- rectangular cedar
wood body

- two high-quality 2B
pencils and one
high-quality HB
pencil (3 mm lead)

- matte black finish

- can be sharpened only
with the Moleskine
sharpener (sold

- can be attached
to notebook via
cap with clip or
pen holder (sold
separately), especially
conceived for hard cover

- hangable packaging

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Publication: March 2012
ISBN: 9788866132943
ISBN10: 8866132942

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