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All the Dogs in the World

All the Dogs in the World

By Photographer Jesse Hunter


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Photographer Jesse Hunter embarked on a global photographic adventure through 44 countries and 6 continents to capture the world in his own unique way. As he hopped from country to country, Jesse couldn't help but be charmed by the beguiling dogs and puppies happily ensconced in daily life. Dogs asleep, dogs on the prowl, dogs with their masters, dogs of all shapes and sizes - whether trawling Moroccan markets or discovering hidden alleyways in Greece, Jesse came across hundreds of waggly-tailed canines just begging to be photographed. All the Dogs in the World is a cute, endearing and uplifting collection of his discoveries, and a beautiful snapshot of the curious lives of dogs everywhere.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2016
ISBN: 9781743790496