Poo that wants to be #1

What’s Your Poo Telling You?

I’m a publicist, so I try not to talk too much shit around the office, you can imagine the pleasure I’ve had this season when it’s been required of me. One of the phone calls I’ll never forget was when a young, shaky intern from a major publishing house in New York called me to fact check a story:

“So the title of the book is… What’s Your Poo Telling You?”
“That’s correct.”
“And it gives the descriptions and nicknames for two dozen dookies including; The Green Goblin, The Chinese Star, Ring of Fire, and Soft Serve?”

I could just see her flushed face over the phone, “Yes that’s correct.”
“And is it true that the average person farts ten times per day?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”

That call made my day.

Sure, we get to work on fun books all the time here at Chronicle, but you have no idea how a little brown book has the power to bring out the 12 year old boy in all of us. Writers at well known magazines, editors, agents, the most professional among us here in the office– we can’t help ourselves, signing off on emails Holy Shit! and Poofully yours, the puns just won’t stop. The authors are smart, witty guys, and I don’t need to tell you they’ve got a wicked sense of humor– at an event for the book here in San Francisco Josh Richman and his wife made sure there was only food that looked like poo; little brown burgers, fried logs of mac and cheese, a dessert which involved a chocolaty brown dipping sauce. Washington is full of shit too– at an event for the book in D.C. attendees included Rep. Patrick Kennedy and Rep. Linda Sanchez.

This is only the beginning for this little brown baby, as far as publicizing books go, I’d classify this one under Poo-phoria. Who knew a little book about Poo would become one of my highlights of the season? Cover your head, with loads of great reviews and interviews lined up in the coming months the shit, quite literally, is about to hit the fan.



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