Art on an Editor’s Budget (ha!)


Buying art on an editor’s budget is, quite frankly, hilarious. I mean, thanks to single-digit finds from Alameda and artfully arranged Chronicle Books (perk!), I’ve got boutique still lifes down. But covering the walls with “real art” is where I’ve drawn a blank. Enter etsy. Etsy’s like eBay for artists and crafty moonlighters. I’ve lost hours searching through all the accomplished and oh-so-affordable art for sale. But I definitely don’t feel like I’ve lost a fortune on what I’ve purchased. I chose an eerily romantic Polaroid diptych from supercapacity for $25 and a sort of wistful illustration of a Brooklyn rooftop from dkim for a cool $15. I couldn’t resist a tiny collage from Scrapatorium, mostly because it was called “Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts,” but also because it was only $5.

Some of my favorite etsy finds lately have been book art. (Surprise surprise.) Sophia Barao is selling lovely prints made on vintage book pages, this month in French, for $13.50.


Wondercabinet also has prints on age-worn pages, his from an old typography manual or a Webster’s, for $25. Rogerjporter took haunting b&w photographs of a monastery bookshelf in Prague ($25). And I can’t help but smile at eviandesign‘s “illiterate bird” print ($10). Cheap cheep!


But so here’s my question for you: Has anyone seen any BIG affordable art on etsy? Nothing I’ve bought is more than 12 inches…which is a bit problematic when you have a barren apartment staring back at you. My empty walls—and shallow pockets—thank you for any leads!

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