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There are some great photos, and photo books, of animals out there. So many that you can get inured to how amazing really great photographs of animals can be. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, someone like a Nick Brandt or Steve Bloom comes along and blows you away. And now comes Andrew Zuckerman.

Andrew is an accomplished New York-based photographer and filmmaker whose technique for shooting animals is simple, but totally distinctive. He drops the background out to total white, bringing the subject forward for full effect; the minimalist approach serves the beastly subjects perfectly (perhaps this is why swissmiss likes his work so much). Their individuality and a sense of real depth come through.

The result is a big, bold book of his animal photos that is hard to miss. And check this part out: Andrew made two awesome little films of how he shot this work and his press check (below). Frankly, it’s not easy to make publishing look so…dynamic, catchy even. Young and old alike love this book, so keep an eye out for it. It will make you look—really look—at the next animal you see.



Alan Rapp
Senior Editor

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