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Motherhood ain’t easy. Maybe that’s why there’s the old saying “it takes a village.” I believe that just might be true, but I guess I wouldn’t really know. Although thankfully, I do have a lot of family close by, it doesn’t mean I have any fellow villagers to lean on during a 3 a.m. crying jag, or when I’m desperately trying to figure out what kind of bizarre virus my kids have brought home from school. Enter the blogosphere—the closest thing to a village that this modern-day mom can find. Reading what other mothers share in their blogs has been a lifeline for me. It even inspired me to begin my own blog (which led to a second, and soon a third). I’m a blog writer and a blog reader, yes. I am also an author, and a photographer. My creative diversions are the safety net under the tightrope of motherhood. What else can I say?

So, what’s in a mom blog? Stories of poopy diapers, tantrums, or how to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Sometimes. But as I see it, mom blogs can offer a crapload more than that. Excuse the pun. Or if you’re a mom, appreciate it.

Although some moms may write posts about the mind-numbing tedium of daily life with children, the way these stories are brought to life aren’t at all tedious. Much like some of the honest and poignant books in the motherhood genre, the mom blogs I enjoy are an outpouring of the raw emotion that emerges from long days and sleepless nights—each post is being shared as a means of reaching out amidst the darkness of mother isolation. As I read these blogs, I breathe in the affirmation “I am not alone.” Powerfully charged by a cocktail of the conflicting energies of love, loss, exhaustion and elation, some of these blogs offer irreverence and absurdity that literally cracks us up, allowing a refreshing burst of humor to soothe our battle wounds. And still other mom blogs illuminate the deepest trenches of motherhood with blinding beauty and hope. Being of creative heart and mind, I also seek refuge in the visual delights and inspirations offered by some other blogs I frequent.

So, if you ever find yourself wondering what’s really in a mom blog (or a any blog written by a mother) go read for yourself or pop over to Alpha Mom’s Keyboard Confidential interviews where a number of bloggers (myself included) talk mom stuff, because nobody besides a mom is going to tell you what really happens when the shit hits the fan.

Got a favorite mom blog? Share a link in the comments below and you’ll be included in a random drawing to win a Chronicle mom book of your choice. No, you don’t have to be a mom to win.

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