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The Events of Winter


It’s raining buckets here on the West Coast, but if you can venture outside, there’s a lot going on. Here’s a quick round-up of art, photography, and fashion events in the offing or soon to happen:

Artist and Illustrator Ward Schumaker’s work is up at Meridian Gallery, San Francisco.

Premier color photographer and author of Inside Havana and Russia, Andrew Moore, is debuting new work at Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco.

The Garden at Night photographer Linda Rutenberg will be at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens in Miami on January 30th, lecturing and conducting a workshop.

David Maisel, an amazing Bay Area photographer with whom Chronicle Books will publish a book this fall, is opening his series Oblivion at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art this weekend. It will be up through late April, and deserves to be seen at exhibition scale.

And for those who ever have the chance to go backstage at some fancy event, you know how it’s hard not to talk about it, even though it’s obviously just to crow. It’s just human to want to say, I got in; let me tell you about it. So, in that somewhat boastful spirit: New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week takes place in early February. Chronicle Books has partnered with W Hotels to be the exclusive publisher to feature fashion and design books in the W Hotel backstage lounge. We will be featuring several new titles, including Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers and Modern Menswear, both of which you can preorder now!

Alan Rapp
Senior Editor

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