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Annie at Asilomar


On March 1st, Ivy and Bean and I went to the Asilomar Regional Reading Conference, where school teachers, librarians, and reading specialists from Northern and Central California gathered for seminars and, um, conferring. Hicklebee’s Bookstore sponsored an authors’ panel featuring luminaries such as Barbara Joosse, Robert San Souci, Tim Myers, Andy Runton, Justina Chen Headley, Bruce Hale, Trudy Ludwig, and guess who. I spoke to the audience about Ivy and Bean. Here’s the post-conference wrap up, as told by Ivy and Bean themselves.

Ivy: There were lots of teachers and librarians there.
Bean: There was a lady who had three boxes of books attached to one of those little carts with a bungee cord, and then the bungee cord snapped. That was funny.
Ivy: There were some authors, too.
Bean: They talked, but I don’t remember what they said.
Ivy: I do. There was a guy who talked about reluctant readers—
Bean: Hey! That’s me!
Ivy: –and how they need to be encouraged to find the right book.
Bean: And there was a tall guy who writes books without any words in them at all. Pretty easy job.
Ivy: Owly. That was the Owly guy.
Bean: And there was a guy there who had written NINETY-FIVE books! What a wacko! I figured he’d have one normal-sized hand and one huge hand, but he didn’t. And get this: his brother writes books about HIM. What if Nancy writes a book about me?
Ivy: I bet Nancy would write a book about herself instead of you.
Bean: But she hardly ever has any fun, so that would be a boring book. She’d have to write about me.
Ivy: There was a lady who wrote about bullies.
Bean: You’re not supposed to make a voodoo doll of the bully and stick pins in it.
Ivy: You’re supposed to tell a grown up.
Bean: After dinner, Ivy and I went to all the tables in the dining room and ate the extra pie. Some people didn’t even take one bite of their piece.
Ivy: It had whipped cream on it, too.
Bean: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: grown ups are weird.


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