The Perfect Note: Handmade Postcard Winners!


Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my invitation, and sent me handmade postcards. They were all so unique, all very lovely.

Here are the three postcards I’ve chosen as favorites:


This postcard came all the way from England. Sender Valerie sewed the wonderful bird image onto the postcard itself, and wrote: “This postcard, written and designed by my hand, is meant to convey the warmth of a handshake across the ocean from me to you.” Thanks Valerie!



Thanks to Felice from Baltimore for this hand-inked, captivating postcard; check out more of Felice’s work on Flickr.



Martha from the Booksmith in San Francisco sent me this lovely postcard. I wish you could hold it! The weight of it, the textures, and the metal stitches around the edge are really something.

Thanks again to all of you who responded!

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