Walkabout Tuesday: City Walks Barcelona

Shops Of The Raval

From used clothing stores to art galleries and gourmet boutiques, El Raval offers an eclectic and unpredictable array of wares.

Begin on Carrer de l’Hospital (via metro Liceu), where you’ll find fashion boutiques such as Spike (1, #46) and funky used clothing shops, including Argot (2, #107) and Matador (3, #145). Backtrack down Hospital and turn left on Carrer de la Riera Baixa for more vintage shops. At the end of Riera Baixa, turn right on Carrer del Carme, then left on Carrer de Joaquín Costa. Stop for a drink in the Modernist cafe Casa Almirall (4, #33), and then duck down Carrer Ferlandina, home to artsy shops like Forvm Ferlandina (5, #31). The street opens into the Plaça dels Àngels, where the MACBA contemporary art center has a fantastic museum shop (6, #1).

Across the plaza, head down Carrer dels Àngels to browse unusual galleries such as Espai Vidre (7, #8), dedicated to glasswork. Back up Àngels, turn right on Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, then left on Carrer del Doctor Dou to linger in one of the cafes or bookshops. Turn right on Carrer d’Elisabets and browse the unique fashions of local designers Giménez & Zuazo (8, #20) and B.Huno (9, #18). Book lovers will enjoy La Central (10, #6), whose knowledgeable staff can help navigate the endless shelves dedicated to books in all languages. The intellectual cafe here is great too. Turn right on Carrer d’En Xuclá, home to several gourmet shops including herbalist Manantial de Salud (11, #23) and cheese shop Mantequeries Puig (12, #21). Catch the metro at Liceu.

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© 2007 Christina Henry de Tessan

Text by Sarah Andrews
Maps © 2007 by David Lindroth

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  • Rebecca July 31, 2010 at 10:12 am

    El Raval is still one of the most exciting places in Barcelona, but you need to update some information. In your map appears the shop Giménez & Suazo, that now is closed. Don’t worry because this part of Elisabets street remains a powerful fashion point with originals shops nourished by local designers. Juan-Jo Gallery offers the leather designs (jackets, coats, bags, hats and accessories) of Laura Gómez. B-Huno remains. Miriam Ponsa, with her creator’s wear collections, replaces Giménez & Suazo. And the shops next door are Twiggy, Vialis and Camper , three great specialist in stylish shoes.


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