From the Design Desk: Lea Redmond Studio Tour

It’s good to get out. And it’s great to visit people making and creating inspiring work. Last Friday, editor Christina Amini and I went to visit the art studio of Lea Redmond—a kindred spirit of Science of Sleep (Michel Gondry), with a unique humor and sweetness to her.

Here’s Lea working on her Wiggly Eye Dice

I came across Lea’s work at the Curiosity Shoppe, where she was set up with her fully functioning World’s Smallest Post-Office. For a small fee, Lea, the uniformed postmaster, writes one-inch letters for you, addresses the tiny envelope, affixes a microscopic stamp, rubber stamps it, and mails it along with a magnifying lens. I commissioned five letters from her website, and she sent me the photo below.

These letters were so fun to give to friends, and from the feedback I received, they were pretty happy to get them. Lea’s website is filled with art projects like this—projects that are fun, unpretentious, and about giving and sharing an experience.

The World’s Smallest Post Office shelved when closed for business

Match Box Theater comes complete with stage set, actors, and screenplay. While we visited, we witnessed a performance of an Old West Medicine Show.

Lea hopes to have the Match Box Theater series available for sale soon.

We also saw, among many works, the Pencil Scroll (above), the Pedal Power Flour (a bicycle-powered flour mill), and the Living Trophy (a trophy perpetually customized and circulating among deserving individuals).

We also played her Infinite Possibilities Game, which involved picking an object from a curiosity box and making connections with other objects on the game board. The challenge was conceptual and the result was often silly. It wasn’t a game you win or lose … but it keeps you constantly thinking, talking, and turning the creative wheels in your head.

Not all Lea’s projects are tiny. Above is her giant woven clothes tag that makes you think about where things come from and how they are made.

You can see more of Lea’s projects on her site. Maybe a Chronicle project will emerge from this visit. I hope it will, as her creativity is contagious and prolific. In any case, we left the visit charmed by her generosity and inspired to follow her example.

P.S. Thanks to all our friends who’ve come to visit us, like Dave Cuzner of GrainEdit,and Julia Rothman with Book By Its Cover. You help inspire us to get out too.

Suzanne LaGasa

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