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Tiny Bubbles


The sweet Muscat and acidic berry notes are lovely with the delicate, floral crème de violette. This recipe is adapted from Lucius Beebe’s 1946 classic, The Stork Club Bar Book. It was served at the Stork Club in New York. The original recipe called for Champagne.

2 whole cloves
3/4 ounce crème de violette
5 ounces Moscato d’Asti, chilled (alternatives: Asti, Prosecco extra dry, Champagne extra dry)
Lemon twist for garnish

Place cloves in a chilled 6-ounce sparkling-wine glass. Add crème de violette. Top slowly with chilled bubbly. Stir gently. Garnish with short strip of lemon peel, first twisting it over the glass to release the flavorful oils into the drink.

Serves 1

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