From the Design Desk: That Mixed CD…

Giving someone a mixed tape may seem like a thing of the past, but giving a mixed CD is not. It can be just as personal, thoughtful, and keepsake worthy. Not to mention creative and cheap!

Above are some homemade designs Ellen Lupton (DIY—Design It Yourself) could be proud of. Top left was made from a magazine cutout, folded and taped; top right from found paper, cut and folded; bottom left from a computer printout; and bottom right is made with fabric sewn over paper in a regular plastic case.

Perfectionists in a hurry may prefer Chronicle’s CD kits, but they too allow you to personalize and remain creative beyond masterminding the perfect mix. The kits—like Petals in Pink above—by NYC-based Austrian illustrator Anja Kroencke, come with five CD label designs, two sleeve designs, and two sticker sheet designs so you can mix and match and adorn them for gifting or mailing.

If the aesthetic of Petals in Pink is too feminine for you, we have five more designs to choose from, including the newly released Candy Orchards, illustrated by our in-house designer Ayako Akazawa; and Vintage Vinyl, illustrated by Jason Munn of Small Stakes (above).

Now, we’re not saying that the designs of our CD kits have the power to bring back an ex-girlfriend, but the right mix just might. Present it right, and she could fall in love with you all over again.

Suzanne LaGasa

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