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March 1st is National Pig Day

And you know what that means!

Actually, you probably don’t. Because I didn’t either! But it’s a real thing, 100% true. You can look it up. Or here, I’ll save you the 5 seconds of Googling. Here’s the official scoop:

“The 1st of March is set aside especially for pigs. It was started by Texas art teacher Ellen Stanley in 1972 to honor and give thanks to our most intelligent domesticated creature.

On this day, remember the good things pigs have brought to us; remember that pigs are sociable, intelligent mammals. They are much like us in many ways, they have noticeable personality traits and soaring emotions. You might want to visit a farm sometime in March for a day out (with the kids) and pay your respects to these marvelous animals.”

So here we are, joined together on this special pig day. What shall we do to celebrate? Here are some ideas.

1. You think “pig” and you immediately think “pink.” So let’s all of us, everyone, wear pink. Wouldn’t it be cool if like the whole world—ok, whole town—wore pink for the day? Especially you boys! Let’s do it!

2. Have a “Pig Out” party where everyone pigs out on:

a) Healthy snacks (and some junk food too)

b) Movies about pigs (like “Babe” and “Charlotte’s Web”)

c) Books about pigs (like “Little Oink,” “Little Oink, and don’t forget the classic “Little Oink.”)

You could have the party at home. Or you could do it in school–if your teacher’s not a “boar.” (get it?!)

3. Play “Duck, Duck, Oink!” Like “Duck, Duck, Goose” but when you want to choose your “chaser,” you tap him/her on the head and snort “Oink!” It’s much more fun than the regular version. I don’t know why, it just is.

4. And last but not least…live Little Oink‘s dream and go do some good cleaning! Clean up your room. Clean up a closet. Clean up the basement. But make it a surprise, because you know how parents are. They’ll just want you to make a mess!


Happy National Pig Day everyone!

Hap-pig-gly yours,


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