Chronicle Craft: Dorm Decor Winners


Thank you all so much for the amazing decorating ideas on our Deer Head post! Here are our three lucky winners and their great design solutions:

Chelsea A: “I was lucky enough to have huge bulletin boards above my standard-issue dorm room bed. The rest of the room was painted brick – no nails or tacks allowed (not that they would work, though). Simple solution? Colored butcher paper. It was just a few dollars a yard and my craft/art supply store had about a dozen colors they carried. I could change the entire look of my half of the room for each month, season, or just when the mood hit for less than $5. I didn’t even have to tape the paper up. Because it was a bulletin board, I used your run-of-the-mill stapler and just did the edges, then used cardstock and other patterned paper to make adornments. That was back in fall of 2000…there are SO many paper options and cute fabric options available now. Were I to do it again, I’d invest in some fabric and sew myself a ton of differently sized throw pillows and probably still cover the bulletin board in butcher paper – it’s less expensive and gives the same dramatic effect!”

Phaedra: “I am ALL about Oil Cloth! Cut a large piece to fit your kitchen table for instance, staple it all around underneath the table and you have a bright and lively surface. Use it to make place-mats, or coasters, you can line a tray with oil cloth to spruce it up, you can skin a cork board with it and hang it on your wall, you can skin a three ring binder with it and use that to store papers- literally endless uses! All perfect for renters or short term living situations!”

Debbie: “I’m past dorm days but my children are not. One of them bought 12″ square canvases and had her roommates each paint one. They them made a collage on the wall with them. It looked great.”

We’ll be sending you all advance copies of Dorm Decor. Thanks for playing everyone!

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Christina Loff
Craft Publicist

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