From the Design Desk: Coolness in the Mail

Believe it or not, we still get physical mail here in the design office — and some of it is pretty cool. Here are a few pieces we can’t part with. (That “Jake” in the center is by illustrator Jeff Canham)

Whether it’s collage, hand-type, illustrated stationery, or just fancy labels, we love it all. The range of personalities landing in our mailboxes adds to the fun. For example, the quiet envelope from designer Katie Hamburger, the found material and stamp-obsessed envelope by Alyson Kuhn, and the tiny and lovely envelope by British illustrator Sally Faulkner.

Writer Alyson Kuhn (below) is not the only stamp-crazy one…

…Photographer Susie Cushner (below) also shares the appreciation.

It seems everything that San Francisco design firm PUBLIC turns in to us is beautifully rendered and polished to a fine shine. The same holds true for their mail correspondence. You gotta respect consistency.

The hand-lettered mail by Los Angeles artist and illustrator Travis Millard couldn’t be more different. His style is loose and playful, with a great sense of humor. Sure enough, he was the perfect illustrator for Farts (though his talents extend well beyond toilet humor!)

Like our fellow designer Kristen Hewitt, who wrote about the neat handmade cards mailed and given to her, we too are very grateful to receive these visual treats — even if they’re delivering invoices.

— Suzanne & Jake

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