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I’m so excited to share a project from our upcoming book Wallpaper Projects ($22.95, available April 8 and for pre-order now). Ever-creative and curious authors Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith pulled together tons (more than 50!) fantastic, truly unique projects you can make with all the beautiful new and vintage wallpapers out there in the world. Just this week, I noticed exquisite project-ready papers on Decor8, Poppytalk, OhJoy!, housemartin, and Katy Elliott‘s blogs.

Leave a comment below telling us your favorite wallpaper designer or source. One randomly selected commenter will win an advance copy of the book!

And here’s one of my favorite projects (it was very hard to pick), special just for you:

Commissioning a traditional portrait is a time-honored way of paying tribute to the most important and beloved member of the household. Creating your own untraditional portrait is much more fun and still gets the point across.

Wallpaper scraps in two complementary colors
Scrap paper for template (optional)

Spray paint
X-Acto knife
Rubber cement


1. Choose your wallpapers.

2. Remove the glass and backing from the frame. Spray paint the frame to match your wallpapers and let it dry completely.

3. Using the project photo as a guide, draw a dog template or come up with your own design. Trace it in reverse on the back side of one of your wallpaper scraps. To avoid wasting your wallpaper, you may want to first test the fit in the frame with a template made of scrap paper.

4. Cut out your silhouette with scissors or an X-Acto knife.

5. Place the frame facedown on the background paper.

6. Trace around the interior of the frame with a pencil and cut out the paper.

7. Apply an even layer of rubber cement onto the back of the silhouette and the front contact area of the background paper, and press them together.

8. Reassemble the frame with your new artwork.

Excerpted from Wallpaper Projects (available April 2009)
Photo by Erin Kunkel

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Kate Woodrow
Craft Editor

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