Chronicle Craft: Easter Eggs


Wisp of Spring Garland
Excerpted from Easter Eggs by Matthew Mead

The garland shown here is about five feet long; you can make yours any length and vary the number and spacing of the eggs. Decorate a table or mantel with one, hang several in the window, or drape them on an Easter tree.

Fine-tip permanent markers, in several seasonal colors
7 blown eggs (see page 8), clean and dry
2 yards 5⁄8-inch-wide sheer ribbon
Masking or transparent tape
Small wooden skewer (pointed on both ends)

1. Using the markers, decorate the eggs—stripes and dots look great, but use spirals, squiggles, or other simple design, too, as you wish.
2. Tie the ribbon in a knot near one end. Tape the other end to the skewer.
3. Thread the skewer through an egg. Gently slide the egg against the knot. Tie a knot in the ribbon at the other end of the egg.
4. Knot the ribbon again, about 8 inches away from the egg. Thread the skewer through another egg. Knot the ribbon again at the other end of this egg. Continue in this manner until all the eggs are on the ribbon.

An upholsterer’s needle or a bodkin—a long metal tool with a little clamp on one end, designed for threading cord through small channels—would be a great substitute for the skewer and tape. You’ll find both at a good crafts supply store.

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Christina Loff
Craft Publicist

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