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Here at Art and Design central, we recently heard the great news that two friends of Chronicle are teaming up in an exciting new way. The legendary Jen Bekman (of 20×200 and The Jen Bekman Gallery fame) has hired our very own beloved former editor Alan Rapp to be Associate Director of Hey Hot Shot!, one of the coolest photo contests around. The announcement is here, and you can find out more about the contest here—we’re as pleased as punch that two such delightful folks are going to be working together to make cool things happen in the world of photography going forward.

This got me thinking—in truth, it doesn’t take much—about photography books. And from photo books in general it’s only ever a short leap to thinking about our very own photo books. And from there the train of thought just naturally rolls right along to the freshly hatched crop of new photography titles we’ve got lined up for you this Fall. So, a little preview seems to be in order!

Closer by Elinor Carruci—this classic of contemporary photography celebrates and interrogates family, intimacy, the body, and human relationships. Now back in hardcover for the first time in five years, it’s also available as a limited edition with a signed and numbered print.

Jim Marshal Proof special edition—Michelle blogged here last week about the story of bringing this stunning collectors edition into being. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have such an astonishing testament of artistry and rock on our list.

Taking Aim—rock and roll legend and photographer Graham Nash has selected his favorite rock photographs from a stellar line up of shooters. Published to accompany an exhibition at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, the book comes with an audio CD on which Graham himself walks you through the history of rock and roll.

Katharine Hepburn: A Life in Pictures—this sumptuous collection of images reveals the beloved actress. One of my personal favorites, she was a fashion icon, legend of the silver screen, and true class act.

Bird—photographer Andrew Zuckerman’s follow up to Creature has had people around our office going absolutely nuts with delight and wonder—trust me, you are not going to believe how amazingly beautiful these birds are.

Great White—for those who like their animal photography a little higher up the food chain we have this jaw-dropping volume from shark expert Chris Fallows (creator of the Shark Week favorite Air Jaws). Never before have sharks been this handsome, this awe inspiring, or this airborne.

The Graphic Eye—Stefan Bucher brings together photos by 120 top graphic designers in this quirkily enigmatic collection. You may not think of designers as photographers, but it turns out that their unique visual perspective catches things the rest of us might miss—seen through their eyes the world is stranger and more wonderful.

Polaroid Notes—last but not least we have these delightful notecards honoring the gone-but-not-forgotten sprit of the Polaroid. Suzanne said it best when she blogged here about our love affair with the legendary film and cameras. Suffice it to say I don’t plan on sending anything but these cards to anyone on my correspondence list for a long time to come—they’re that great.

That’s all for now. Take care folks, and keep your camera and your photo books close at hand—you never know when the need for some film-derived happiness might strike.

Bridget Watson Payne
Associate Editor, Art + Design

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