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Craft for Art’s Sake

With the news of a human-canvas run-in at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was reminded of a recent Chronicle title that also involves masterpieces.

Artful Jewelry is a book plus craft kit that features 11 famous works of art—Vermeer’s The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Botticelli’s La Primavera, among others—and 11 accompanying jewelry projects. All the materials you need to create six of the projects are included: teardrop pearl beads, headpins, earring wires, embroidery floss, a bracelet base, seed beads, and more.

Each jewelry project is inspired by key elements of the paintings. Here are some of my favorites.

There is something very satisfying about capturing Van Gogh’s mesmerizing (and untamed) swirls in a necklace:

Klimt is always decadent. These golden earrings are, too:

Understated and elegant, these teardrop earrings are inspired by Vermeer’s The Girl with a Pearl Earring:

And this bracelet is reminiscent of the one worn by Renoir’s Jeanne Samary:

These are four of the projects you can make right away.

Two recent Chronicle Books visitors, 12-year-old Bella and 15-year-old Ashley (pictured at the top of this post) picked up Artful Jewelry and couldn’t put it—or the completed projects—down. They are artfully adorned with the Van Gogh necklace, Degas ring, Gauguin bracelets, Monet rings, Egyptian bracelets, and Da Vinci necklace.

And if you happen to be in New York City when the Picasso’s The Actor is restored and back on view, what better way to honor it than by wearing one of Artful Jewelry’s completed projects, like the tulle ring on Ashley’s left hand? You can always check out the ring’s inspiration, Degas’s The Dance Class, also at the Met:

I guarantee that your Artful Jewelry crafting experience will garner you a new—or at least renewed—appreciation for the art.

Naomi Kirsten
Assistant Editor

Naomi Kirsten

Naomi Kirsten is an Editor in the Children’s Publishing Group. Her titles range from novelty formats to picture books, and include A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School…., I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…, The Bear’s Song series, Farewell Floppy, and Ice Sabers.


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