Wanna Snuggle?

Fans of Porn for Women, fire up your smart phones. Wanna Snuggle for Women of a Certain Age, a new app from our partners at Mobifusion adapted from the series, is now available!

The app offers up 40 hunky (yet distinguished) men catering to your every whim. These handsome hotties insist you take an early retirement, delight in the silver in your hair and, best of all, take over the cooking and cleaning. Fun feature: the option to send cards via Facebook or email to anyone who needs a laugh!

Wanna Snuggle for Women of a Certain Age is available now. Stay tuned for more swoon-worthy apps inspired by the Porn for Women series: Wanna Snuggle and Wanna Snuggle XXX are coming soon!

Albee Dalbotten
Sr. Marketing Manager

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