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From the Chronicle Kitchen: Tartine

This week we’re thrilled to have Emily Kastner of the highly enjoyable blog Tar-Tryin’ as our guest author. You can also follow Emily’s journey through James Beard Foundation award-winning bakers Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson’s Tartine cookbook at and @emmykastner.

If you leave a comment below, you’ll be eligible to win copies of Tartine and Tartine Bread! (Offer valid in the US and Canada only.)

This past September I decided to bake every single thing in the Tartine cookbook. I’ve written about the specifics on my blog as to why it all started, but the abbreviated gist would be: I used to live in San Francisco and loved the bakery. Now, my little family calls Michigan home, and we often are missing so much about that city. While I cannot ride a cable car in my house, I can whip up some Tartine treats. And that’s exactly what I’m doing, and documenting every twist and turn along the way. Today, chocolate friands are on the menu.

While I have baked a great many cakes and cookies in my life, the vast majority (we’re talking a solid 95%) of the recipes in this cookbook are new to me. A ‘friand’ would fall in that category, and it wasn’t until I started reading the recipe that I even knew what a friand was. Thank you, Elisabeth Prueitt, for the French lesson, because I can now share that friand is French for “small mouthful.” It’s a little treat that is so rich and chocolaty that just a few bites make for the perfect serving.

I’m quite the anxious baker. I will say that this is slowly fading, as I am logging hours and hours in my kitchen every week. While the fear isn’t quite as suffocating anymore, I still expect everything to go wrong, and I watch my friends eat what I bake with bated breath. (Probably uncomfortably so, for them.) As it turns out, either all my friends, neighbors and mailman are really good liars, or the food is genuinely amazing. I’m venturing to say it’s amazing, and I feel guilty taking the credit for all the delicious things I’m making.

My husband sincerely tells me “This is my favorite thing you’ve made so far,” after he eats nearly everything I feed him from this cookbook. The rest of the story of these delicious friands is over on my blog today! Come and read all about it!

Purchase: Tartine and Tartine Bread.

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