Chronicle Books Keeps it Clean!

Today was Spring Cleaning Day at Chronicle Books! We’re tossing, recycling, cleaning, purging, dusting and organizing our desks, offices, closets and workspaces.

Bins and shelves stand ready to receive books, trash and recycling.

“Who you callin’ trash?”

“Who you callin’ techno trash?”

Making room for more!

Purging files.

Cleaning our desks.

Keyboards get a blast of canned air.

Reaching new heights of cleanliness!

And on each floor, a “Free Table” with all kinds of discarded treasures for the taking. Let’s see what we can find…

Hand sanitizer and plastic bugs…

A rainbow pony and can cozies…

A fart machine and a plastic lei…

Ping-Pong paddles and mini compasses…

Penthouse, Paula Deen and a bag of screwdrivers!

And the reward for all of this hard work? Pizza Party!

Lara Starr
Publicity, Children and Teens



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