The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2012

We like our shenanigans here at Chronicle Books. Perhaps you’ve picked up on this from reading our blog? One April Fool’s Day, many years ago now, someone-who-shall-remain-anonymous placed mustaches on all of the art in the building. And just last year on April Fool’s Day another someone-who-shall-remain-anonymous placed 3-D glasses on all of the art in the building (you see, we see things differently here at Chronicle books—if you don’t believe me, just check out our logo). I think most of the evidence from these escapades has long-since disappeared, but this photo shows that at least one mustache and one pair of 3-D glasses remains on display in the building.

This year it was spectacularly quiet here on April Fool’s Day. So we thought we’d better make this an Easter to remember.

Gillian Gaeta, Contracts Manager extraordinaire, rallied a crew together to implement The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2012. She filled 300 colorful plastic eggs with Reese’s peanut butter cups, Hershey’s kisses, jelly beans, jolly ranchers, Cadbury eggs, and other Easter candy. In one very special egg she placed a gift certificate to the local and delicious Darwin Café. We waited for the office to empty out… and then we embarked on a mission to surprise our fellow Chronicle-ers.

Children’s Editorial Assistant Ariel Richardson sneaking around the office.

Contracts Assistant Yesenia Herrera hiding an egg in a model.

Children’s Editor Melissa Manlove gathering eggs in a make-shift pouch.

Contracts Manager Gillian Gaeta getting creative…

Here were some of our sneaky hiding places:

Some eggs we hid in plain sight.

While some were hidden in shadow.

(Chocolate does make all afflictions better, right?)

One egg is well disguised among a stockpile of oranges on a desk.

Why does that egg look so natural there?

Melissa Manlove hides an egg in a fold of cloth in the Crit Space.

There were many eggs hidden behind and on top of books. After all, our office is filled with books!

We only hid one egg on the fourth floor (our communal area, with our conference rooms, library, and café space), though: the winning egg. We thought it might be a challenge to find, but Distribution Sales Director Allison Elsby found the egg by 8:56am, before I had even made it to my desk!

Well, perhaps our hunt wasn’t quite as unusual as mustaches and 3-D glasses, but it involved chocolate and surprises—what could be better than that? And I like to imagine that people in the office will be stumbling across candy-filled Easter eggs for years to come.

Yours in crime,

—Children’s Editorial Assistant Ariel Richardson, Contract Manager Gillian Gaeta, Children’s Editor Melissa Manlove, and Contracts Assistant Yesenia Herrera

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