Zoo-Gooders: Chronicle Books Volunteer Day

110 Chronicle Books employees signed up to be a part of our fourth annual Volunteer Day last week. Unlike volunteer days of the past, this year we all participated together at one location, the San Francisco Zoo. We were warned to wear old clothes (apparently staying clean wasn’t an option) and that some of the tasks would even require us to wear waders, rubber boots, and coveralls.

Chronicle assembles at the entrance of the San Francisco Zoo before it opens to begin our work.

Once everyone was signed in and accounted for, we separated into three groups of about 30 employees each to work on various projects. One group would help remove weeds and old piping from the stream, one would be wading into Eagle Lake to clean and prune its plants, and one would clear away the remains of a heavily pruned group of trees to be turned into recycled mulch for the park.

If anyone could start a coverall trend, it’d be Chronicle employees.

Raking a lake never seemed so fun.

Plant pruning bonanza!

Streamside smiles.

Victoria volunteers hardcore.


Chronicle community engagement.

After a hard morning’s work, it’s time to eat.

During lunch, our very own Moira Kerrigan won volunteer of the day for being muddiest of all!


An amazing day with Chronicle Books and the San Francisco Zoo!


Alexis Watts
Marketing Assistant



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