The Monsters Are Back!

Each year at Comic-Con we bring a selection of our Pop Culture books to sell. It’s a great place to see how consumers react to our products, and to get feedback and an understanding as to what they want in future publishing. One of the surprises this year, at least to me, was how fast we sold out of our new reprint of The Art of Monsters, Inc. It was originally released in 2001 and was the first “Art of” book that we created. Not only was it the first, but it set the standard for our future “Art of” books which have received accolades from animation fans, professionals and historians who love to see the art and process that goes into making these films.

What surprised me wasn’t that customers liked the book; it was that our face-out display stopped passersby in their tracks. Several trotted up and asked, “Is this really The Art of Monsters, Inc.?” Once I assured them that it was, one remarked, “This book sells on eBay for hundreds of dollars. It’s been out of print forever!” I could see each person counting our stack, calculating whether to buy the 2 ½ pound book and carry it around the convention center, or chance returning later in hopes that we wouldn’t sell out.

By Saturday morning we had sold out. That day and the next several people came by to get a copy (the word was out) only to be disappointed. However, the good news is that since the book has been reprinted, there are plenty to go around in bookstores and online retailers. Matter of fact, you can buy one from Chronicle. The price is still $40, which is bad news for those folks selling them on eBay for three- to four times the amount, but great news for those fans who have been seeking copies.

Next up in our “Art of” series is The Art and Making of ParaNorman, which is fantastic, especially for those of us fascinated with the process of stop-motion animation. And just in case you are wondering, we are publishing The Art of Monsters University in Spring 2013. Hooray for Sulley and Mike!

April Whitney

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  • Frank Grau July 31, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Wow, I had no idea this was selling for so much on ebay. Thankfully, I bought mine during the first print run. But it’s always good to see good books come back into print for those who missed it the first time around.


  • T.J. July 31, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    This is great news for the Monsters Inc fans out there that didn’t get a chance to get it last time!


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