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Looking Ahead: Books are Magic!

When I set foot in Chronicle a little over 25 months ago, I knew I was definitely not in Kansas anymore. (Actually I’ve never been to Kansas, but you know what I mean.)

It was clear to me that I was at a publisher that really did see things differently, and this philosophy was deeply rooted in its past and would continue to influence its present and future.

Victoria has already written about the beginnings of the children’s group in her post. Looking around me today, I’m amazed to think that we started out with a phone, a copy machine, and a bookshelf—until I think about the ingredient underneath that made it all happen: passion. Passion for great books. Passion for wonderful talent. Passion for giving children the very best experiences possible, and so creating, year after year, list after list of distinguished titles with a unique, distinctive point of view.

That passion still drives us. The question we always ask ourselves is: How can we do something nobody’s ever done before? And how can we do it so creatively and compellingly that people will fall over under its spell? I’m not kidding about the falling over part, either. It’s a quality I think about all the time.

Here are just a few of the books on our current list that make me personally fall over:

Because books are magic. It’s magic that something so seemingly simple and tangible can transport you to another place, time, mood—even world. That what’s on the physical page can disappear as a two-dimensional object and take on a multi-dimensional aspect in the imagination.

On this twenty-fifth anniversary, my birthday wish for the future is for us to keep making that magic with every single title we publish. Whether it’s a picture book, board book, novelty book, kit, or novel, I want us to make titles that matter to the children who enjoy them—that give joy, hope, laughter. Even change lives. Because magic does that.

Ginee Seo
Children’s Publishing Director

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