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On press check for Dorothea Lange. Grab a Hunk of Lightning.

The tie-in companion book to Spring 2014’s PBS American Masters episode of the same name, Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning by Elizabeth Partridge is the only career-spanning monograph of this iconic artist’s work currently in print. Two months after printing, the books have arrived to our warehouse. Boxes and boxes were stacked on pallets, then securely wrapped and loaded onto metal containers that would travel across the Pacific Ocean. The big distance makes me think of the difference between a day at a press check and a day in a darkroom. In the darkroom, we could spend a complete day perfecting one print, in this print shop, with 14 offset presses, the push of a button feeds approximately 13, 000 sheets of paper per hour. Same goal, beautiful reproduction. Here is a glimpse:

View of factory floor. Neat and climate controlled.

Blank sheets ready for printing.

First sheet. Setting tones and color.

Printed sheets, ready for folding.

Checking ink density on jacket.

Jacket approved. OK. Press check completed.

Yolanda Cazares
Chronicle Books Production Coordinator

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