Designer’s Sabbatical: A Visual Tour, Part 2

After eleven years at Chronicle Books, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a three-month sabbatical. My hiatus led me to travel far and away. Though I was removed from my day-to-day design responsibilities, the designer in me could not avoid embracing the beautiful design and whimsical typography inherent in these amazing countries.

The second half of my sabbatical travels took me to Morocco, Gibraltar, and England (see Part 1 for Berlin and Spain).


Starting every morning with breakfast on the rooftop of our riad.
breakfast in Morocco

The many beautiful doors of Morocco
Morocco Morocco Morocco Morocco

The streets of Morocco
Moroccan market
Morocco Morocco Morocco Morocco Morocco

The locals of Morocco
Morocco Morocco

Delicious Moroccan salads that we ate daily. Now I’m making my own with Morocco, a gorgeous cookbook filled with recipes from Marrakech and more.  
Moroccan salads



The rock of Gibraltar. A stop-over on the way to London.
rock of Gibraltar

The wild monkeys of Gibraltar
wild monkeys of Gibraltar

Great cafés, street art, and creative energy oozing from the streets of Shoreditch.
London shop front London street art London street art London street art London street art London street art London street art London street art

Spitalfields Market
The best market for food, shopping, or simply hanging out
Spitalfield's Market

Salad (yes, England has enticing food beyond just fish’n’chips!) compliments of Jamie Oliver


Vanessa Dina
Design Director

Allison Weiner

Senior Designer at Chronicle Books and weekend crafter.

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