Bubble-Wrap Tote Bag

Put Your Stamp On It offers tons of ways to transform anything from stationary to storage boxes. One of our favorite techniques that author Meagan Lewis offers is found-object printing, which will make you look at things you might usually throw away in a whole new way. Here’s a sample project from the book where she works magic with some bubble-wrap.


Kathryn Jaller

Associate Director of online strategy at Chronicle Books and art/craft/cat lady. You can follow her at @kholler.

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  • Bethany walker March 10, 2015 at 5:03 am

    Love the idea of DIY bags, there’s nothing better. If you’re like me and not very creative, Lola rose has a great zebra scarf which is really on trend at the moment. Also great for shopping! I love bags you can roll up and just stuff into your purse for when you go shopping.


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