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Did you catch Tuesday’s Kitten Writing Summit?  If such a show of creative passion and literary purr-owess has your favorite feline inspired, this Throwback Thursday we’ll take a look at how our esteemed authors got their start.  Every great writer begins a great reader, and with this Chronicle classic from 1994, you too can Teach Your Cat to Read.

Teach Your Cat to Read (1994, Chronicle Books)

All young readers start with the basics, though the learning process can be difficult for some, even with a little incentive. It’s best to be patient, and help your cat find books with subjects they are passionate about.

Teach Your Cat to Read (Chronicle Books, 1994)

As your cat grows into a more confident and experienced reader, you may find it necessary to challenge them with tougher books. Don’t forget to choose stories with a relatable protagonist!

Teach Your Cat to Read (Chronicle Books, 1994)

With a little patience (and a lot of kibble), you may find that you too live with a William Shakespaw or J.K. Meowling just waiting to let their voice be heard!

Meanwhile, check out I Knead My Mommy for further kitten-written inspiration, and if you don’t yet have a feline housemate (and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area) please check out Saving Grace Rescue, where our kitten co-authors and many more are awaiting adoption.

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