Berkeley’s Grumpiest Day Ever

Grumpy Cat’s visit to Grumpytown, USA (also known as Berkeley) was absolutely awful. Just look at the photos!

Grumpytown, USA MotorcadePolice helped Grumpy Cat make a terrible entrance to the Grumpytown, USA event.
Guest of HonorGrumpy Cat was the guest of honor at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Berkeley Humane’s Mobile Adoption Center. She mostly hated it.

Grumpy Cat and Firefighters

The Berkeley Fire Department took a photo with her. Don’t be fooled by the smize.

Grumpy Cat's Biggest Fan

Grumpy Cat’s biggest fan attended. Her outfit was tolerable.

All photos courtesy of Mark Rogers Photography. Find him on his blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Still feeling happy? Check out Berkeley Humane’s Facebook album from the event and watch Quirkeley‘s video below for more ill will.

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