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These Minimal, Black + White Illustrations Are for Book Lovers

There are so many talented artists from around the world turning to books as inspiration for their design—from Jungho Lee’s surreal and dreamy literary scenes to Marina Luz’s humorous book covers based on foggy memories.

Much to our delight, we recently discovered these pieces by Henn Kim, an artist based in Seoul, South Korea.

Kim’s works are simultaneously surreal and minimal, sticking to a black and white palette—to create her art, she prefers to use a combination of pencil sketches and digital tools.

Take a look at some of our favorites:

Book Lover by Henn Kim

Book Lover


Struggle Everyday by Henn Kim

Struggle Everyday

Take Me to Wonderland by Henn Kim

Take Me to Wonderland


Read All About You by Henn Kim

Read All About You

Drenched Through My Mind by Henn Kim

Drenched Through My Mind

Reading is Dreaming With Your Eyes Open

Reading is Dreaming with Your Eyes Open


Check out all of Henn Kim’s work on her Instagram—there are a lot of lovely illustrations that aren’t book-related, too. You can also snag a print for yourself over at her Society6 shop!

All images used with permission from Henn Kim

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