7 Marijuana Books for All Types of Weed Enthusiasts

There’s an age-old saying here at Chronicle Books: “If it exists, we have a book about it.” Just kidding, I don’t think anyone actually says this except for me—but it’s pretty true.

So, marijuana exists; thus, we have weed reads. You might not be able to smoke these books, but they are the perfect accoutrements to a higher state of mind.

Marijuana for Everybody!

By Elise McDonough

Marijuana For Everybody

Marijuana isn’t just for your neighbors that party every weekend—it’s for everyone! Even Grandma. (Especially Grandma?) Marijuana for Everybody comes from the experts at High Times magazine and serves your comprehensive guide to getting high. Who invented vaping? Wait, what’s a dab? And what about the whole “gateway drug” theory? All your questions will be answered.


Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

By Dan Michaels, photographs by Erik Christiansen


Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is great for the more seasoned pot smoker—the one that doesn’t have to ask “wait, what’s the difference between indica and sativa again?”. It’s also for someone who likes pretty, sparkly photos of buds. Or both. Learn the lineage, flavor, and characteristics of the high of your favorite strains, and gawk over the hyperdetailed photography.


Green: A Marijuana Journal

Marijuana Books

The photos from Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana find a new life in this journal, but this isn’t your average note-taking apparatus—it’s filled with pot basics, fill-in diary pages, and histories of different strains.


The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

By Elise McDonough and the editors of High Times magazine

High Times Cannabis Cookbook

Don’t want to smoke weed? You can always eat it. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook has easy, accessible recipes that demystify the experience of cooking with marijuana. Expect recipes like Time Warp Tamales and Sativa Shrimp Spring Rolls to Pico de Ganja Nachos and Pineapple Express Upside-Down Cake.

The Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Activity Book 

By Natasha Lewin and the editors of High Times magazine

The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Activity Book

Put your stoney-baloney brain to work—The Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Activity Book is full of puzzles and prompts to test your mind and motor skills when under the influence. Pair this up with The Official High Times Pot Smoker’s Handbook and you’re covered.


How High Am I? A Journal

How High Am I? Journal

Record your highdeas in one place! How High Am I? A Journal has playful prompts (“What am I eating?”) and room to doodle, so you’ll never forget your brilliant and not-so-brilliant epiphanies again.


Stoner Coffee Table Book by Steve Mockus

Stoner Coffee Table Book

So you got high. Congratulations. What next? Flip through the Stoner Coffee Table Book and see what happens.


– – –

Regardless of if you do or don’t partake, we hope you enjoyed this—and for making it to the bottom, go ahead and take 25% (plus free shipping!) off any book on our website with the code BOOKDUJOUR.


Jenna Homen

Community Manager at Chronicle Books. When she's logged off, she can be found cooking, camping, or in a museum. You can follow her on Twitter at @jn_na.
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