Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline for submissions has passed, but I have some really great work. Can I please submit my work anyway?

Unfortunately, we do NOT accept any late submissions.

When will the next application deadline be?

Applications for the 2018-2019 session will be due in Spring of 2018.

I submitted my application on time but haven’t been notified about the results yet. When will I hear back from Chronicle?

Applicants will receive confirmation that we have received their submission via email. We aim to notify applicants of their status within a month of the application deadline, but given the fluctuating circumstances of the design managers’ workload it may take longer. Please be patient, and if you are extremely concerned about the status you may email:

Is the Design Fellowship an internship position and can I get school credit for it?

No. Because the fellowship is a full-time paid position, we are not able to allow current students to apply. Applicants must be recent graduates within 24 months of their graduation date.

Is there an internship opportunity available at Chronicle Books?

Yes. We have a couple of design internship opportunities that you can learn more about here. We take applications on a rolling basis and if you are interested please submit a cover letter, résumé, and link to your portfolio to

Is the submissions deadline the date that application materials must be received or postmarked by?

All of your application materials must be postmarked by the submissions deadline.

If I have additional materials to add to my portfolio can I send them separately or after the deadline has past via post or email?

No, all application materials must be sent together in one package. We will not consider materials that come separately or after the deadline.

I have a certificate, 1-year degree, or have taken a few courses in design. Am I still eligible to apply for the fellowship program?

No. Applicants must have an undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited college or university.

How do I know if my school is accredited?

You can check with the administration at your school or search online using the name of your school and the word “accreditation” (e.g., Johnson College accreditation), and typically you will find a link to an accreditation website.

Who should I address my submissions package to?

Please address your submissions package as specified on the webpage for the individual fellowship you are applying for.

Should I send digital copies or hard copies of my work?

Please see the specific portfolio requirements list on the webpage for the individual fellowship you are applying for.

Is the design fellowship open to international candidates?

Yes, international candidates are welcome to apply. Although your eligibility will be held to the same standards as all other applicants, we DO accept international applications prior to graduation, because it typically takes 6-9 months to process visa paperwork. You may plan to apply in advance, but you must have an upcoming graduation date that is prior to the fellowship start date. *International applicants are solely responsible for securing their own necessary visa/work eligibility and must provide proof of their work eligibility prior to commencing the fellowship. Unfortunately, Chronicle Books is unable to offer any sponsorship or other visa assistance for these positions.

Are there any other current openings at Chronicle Books in the design department?

Please visit our website to see all other job listings.

I have some packaging work that I’d like to send you. Do you accept three-dimensional work, or do you prefer that I send you photographs of the pieces?

Please refrain from sending three-dimensional or physical copies of your work. We prefer that you send photographs or images rather than the work itself. After all, one of your tasks as a fellow will be taking product shots, and we’d like to know that you have the ability to show your work in that format.

Can I include a CD or a DVD of my work?

No, please do NOT include a CD or DVD. We review portfolios old school style only, so your work will not be viewed if it isn’t in a physically bound portfolio format.

If I’m in San Francisco, can I submit my work by dropping it off at the Chronicle Books headquarters?

Yes, you are welcome to drop your work off rather than paying postage. Just bring it to the front desk and make sure your work is still addressed correctly.

The portfolio requirements state 10-12 examples of your most recent work. Is that referring to the number of pages or projects?

That is referring to the number of projects, i.e., your 20-page portfolio contains 10 projects with 2 pages per project. Please refrain from submitting a portfolio with more than 50 pages total.

I have a background in illustration. Am I qualified to apply for the Children’s Fellowship?

Not necessarily, this is a graphic design focused program. We are looking for graphic designers who have an interest in Children’s publishing and an understanding of or experience with illustration is merely a plus. Please do NOT submit an illustration-heavy portfolio. If you are an illustrator interested in working with us, we would love to see your work for freelance opportunities. Please submit a link to your website to

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