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By Tim Costello


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Inspiring stories and moments of faith around the world—told through the eyes of World Vision Australia leader, Tim Costello.

Faith is an important message of hope and reconciliation, as well as an invitation to think about the many soul-searching events that challenge belief. Tim Costello, a respected speaker on social justice issues and head of World Vision Australia, points us to an inclusive faith, bringing people from across the spectrum of society together.

In this thought-provoking collection of stories, Costello takes us on a journey through the notion of faith and what it means to believe, giving us reason to pause and consider our world from the myriad perspectives of others as he meditates on the importance of true faith to humanity, in a time when the world is often so challenging.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2017
ISBN: 9781743791929
Tim Costello is the head of World Vision Australia, part of a worldwide charity that fights poverty and injustice. A Christian pastor who has spent his life working to help those less fortunate, Tim was named in the Australian of the Year awards in 2006 and was awarded an Order of Australia in 2005.