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French Stationery Notebook

French Stationery Notebook

By Quadrille


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This handy flexibound planner makes it easy to stay both organized and chic with its classic French style. It comes with 6 die-cut pockets in three designs as well as a practical elastic closure.

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Format: Engagement Calendar
Publication: February 2017
ISBN: 9781849499118
France is the top tourist destination in the world with over 83 million people visiting every year. Quadrille's evocatively designed range of French stationery brings to the fore all the most notable elements of France - its culture, fashion, historic landmarks, romance, music, food and much, much more. Whether you are planning on taking a trip to France, looking for inspiration as an armchair traveller or just wanting to soak up some of the atmosphere of La belle France, this is a range of must-have stationery items.