The Other Side
istvan banyai

Roll over the images to see the other side.

Artist, designer, and provocateur Istvan Banyai was born in Budapest, Hungary, and quickly found acclaim in the United States with his striking and innovative editorial illustrations appearing in such publications as Atlantic Monthly, Time, The New Yorker, and Rolling Stone. His unique vision found ample room to bloom in his first children's book, Zoom, in 1995. This wordless journey through receding perspectives was honored as one of the best children's books of the year by the New York Times and Publishers Weekly, and won an International Reading Association (IRA) Children's Choices Award based on the votes of kids themselves. His perspective, always unexpected (sometimes even to him), has made him one of the most original and iconoclastic illustrators today.

Now in The Other Side, Istvan Banyai takes readers on another exceptional visual journey. In graphically stunning illustrations that feature many clever twists in point of view, familiar scenes turn and turn again to show us the back, the front, the top, the bottom, the opposite, the other side of each perspective. Here's a door. What's on the other side? Here's a shoreline. What's on the other side? Here's a curtain. What's on the other side? The answers may surprise you. Delightful, sly, funny, and challenging, The Other Side will make readers want to look, and think, twice.

Istvan Banyai has crafted cover art for Verve, Sony, and Capital Records, and has created animated short films for Nickelodeon and MTV Europe. After many, many years in Manhattan he now lives in the woods of Connecticut among deer and foxes.

Istvan Banyai on The Other Side:

I like visual,
I think visual.
Even the literal term "point of view" refers to visual!
You can only see a thing from one point at one point in time!
You want more?
You have to move!
In The Other Side, you just have to turn a page in the book
to change your point of view.

The grass is greener on the other side! it?