Removing your clothes is an art, and it’s applicable in a range of situations besides the striptease. There is a sexy way to take off your jacket when you enter a bar or to take off your shorts before jumping in the pool. There is even a sexy (or at least sexier) way to take off your jeans.

Regardless of what you’re taking off, and why and where you’re doing it, the number-one rule is to do it slowly, leaving time between items. That’s why it’s called the striptease.
Let’s start with the basics.


If you are not going to get completely naked, this will be the final reveal, the almost-naked jackpot. Throughout your routine (which could be a full-on striptease or something more laid-back, like getting ready for bed), play with the straps as if you are about to take it off at any second. When you are ready to reveal, undo the back clasp, but hold the bra in place. Turn your back and remove the bra, tossing it to the floor. Then turn to face your audience. Voilà: boobs!


Most strippers leave their stockings (and shoes) firmly in place. There seems to be something racy about a near-naked woman in just stockings and heels. Should you decide to take off your stockings, though, they can be one of the sexiest items to remove. There are a number of starting positions—prop your leg on a chair (or, even better, on someone else’s chair); stretch it in front of yourself while lying on the floor; or, for the truly flexible, place it on your target’s shoulder. Then slowly, and we mean very slowly, roll the stocking down your leg and over your foot. Then pinch its toe and tear it off. What you do with it next is up to you. Fling it aside, use it as a prop, or tie someone to the headboard—whatever feels right at the time.

Thong, G-String, or Panties

This can get truly creative. In topless clubs, dancers often wear panties over a G-string so they have something extra to take off, creating an impression of a full strip without a full reveal. Whatever your preferred level of nudity, taking off your undies (or shorts, or G-string, or bathing-suit bottoms) can be a pretty wild experience. The basic move is similar to the bra move: hint at removing them for a while before actually doing it. Tug on the elastic, lower slightly, then stop. Then slowly lower them over your butt to your knees (you can do this while standing, but it looks better to start from a kneeling position), and swing your legs around to the side so you end up on your butt with your feet on the floor. Push the panties to your ankles and then pull them off. (Alternatively, you could let them fall over one shoe and then kick them off.)
While you get back on your feet, hold them for a few seconds before tossing them aside. You can also play with a thong or G-string—wrap it around your wrists and raise your hands above your head as if they’re tied. One daring (and pliable) dancer in an L.A. club kept her thong around her ankles and tightened it with her hand to bind her feet together, flipped onto her stomach, and pretended to be hog-tied. Sounds crazy, but given the big smile on her face, it looked both sexy and fun.


Choose one that is easy to remove (preferably one that fastens in the front), and undo it slowly. Then either open it gradually and let it fall to the ground or rip it open and fling it aside.

Negligee, Baby-doll, or Teddy

As with corsets, choose something that is easy to remove, and take it off slowly and teasingly. Lower the straps over your shoulders and then, if the item is loose and flowing, let it drop to the floor and pool around your ankles. If it’s snug, shimmy your way out of it until it hits the floor.

And the Rest. . .

Not all situations call for a fully mapped-out routine. Often, the average girl finds herself needing to take it all off in less than ideal circumstances but still wants to look great doing it. Here are tips from the experts on how to take off pretty much anything.


This is probably the easiest take-off of all time and makes a perfect piece for beginners. A zippered skirt slips easily to the floor from a variety of positions, and then you can kick it aside or step away from it. A very short, clingy Lycra skirt (favored by many dancers—it covers yet still allows a glimpse of what lies beneath) can be slowly pushed over the butt and then shimmied to the floor.


Not the sexiest item, but a sweater still may need to be discarded one cold night in front of an open fire. Simply work it up over your head the way you normally would, but move more slowly. Then cast it aside.

Shirts with buttons

This is perfect stripping material. Leave a few buttons undone at both the top and the bottom. Undo the shirt slowly, as always, slip it back low over your shoulders, and then turn your back and let it fall from your arms to the floor. Leave the cuffs undone, or undo them first, to avoid getting them stuck over your hands. A guy loves to see a woman strip out of his clothes—add one of his ties, a suit jacket, and a hat and you have an impromptu costume. Also consider wearing a light linen shirt to the beach instead of a T-shirt—watch jaws drop as you take it off.


Jeans are one of the most requested garments at strip clubs. It’s called shock value—someone who doesn’t look like a stripper who starts stripping is inherently more sexy and naughty than someone in a bikini and sheer slip doing the same.
Pretty much everyone owns a plain old pair of blue jeans. They can, however, be a little tricky to get off. There are two options here. You can start out standing: simply push the jeans down to the floor and step on the cuffs to pull them off. Or start in a kneeling position and push your jeans down to the bend in your knees. Then flip your feet around so you are sitting on your butt and pull the jeans off over your legs and feet. In either posture, make the most of the move: stick out your butt and lean forward as you lower your jeans.