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crawlQUIZ: Your Stripper Style

An important part of looking great naked is finding a look that suits you. In the world of the strip club, dancers set themselves apart through their individual styles and self-expression. Now it’s time to figure out exactly what kind of look you are going for.

Take this quiz to discover your unique stripper persona.

At a party you are the first to:

a) Crank up the stereo
b) Dance on a table
c) Mix cocktails
d) Entertain a crowd of adoring men
e) Beat the boys at pool

Your clothing look is best described as:

a) Thrift-store glam
b) Barely there
c) Feminine fashion
d) Curve-hugging classics
e) Whatever’s clean

When bellying up to the bar, your drink of choice is:

a) Jack and Coke
b) A body shot
c) A glass of champagne
d) A martini
e) A beer

The book on your nightstand is:

a) Science fiction
b) A magazine
c) Poetry
d) A racy romance novel
e) A how-to manual

A movie you consider a classic is:

a) Wild at Heart
b) Dirty Dancing
c) 9-1⁄2 Weeks
d) Casablanca
e) Point Break

You like to get naked to:

a) The Pixies
b) MTV’s TRL
c) Tori Amos
d) Frank Sinatra
e) Steve Miller Band

What one thing can you not live without?

a) Cigarettes
b) Hairspray
c) Vogue
d) Stockings
e) Chapstick

Pick your hunk:

a) Dave Navarro
b) Colin Farrell
c) Hugh Jackman
d) Cary Grant
e) Will Smith

Your ideal Saturday night entails:

a) Getting wasted while watching your boyfriend’s band
b) Grinding on the dance floor with a group of guys
c) Fine dining followed by the ballet
d) Drinking cocktails at a piano bar
e) A moonlit skinny-dip

Your celebrity alter ego is:

a) Courtney Love
b) Pamela Anderson
c) Halle Berry
d) Betty Page
e) Sandra Bullock

Now, tally your score by counting which letter you chose most frequently. That letter is your Stripper Style. If there is a tie, both profiles apply. Click here for your profile.