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For iPad, iPhone
Inspired by the bestselling picture book, the Press Here app includes 15 brand-new games and activities for kids of all ages.

$1.99 iPad


$0.99 iPhone

Press Here
This beloved book has inspired a brand-new app that is sure to dazzle kids of all ages. The app features 15 brand-new games and activities that immerse children in a magical world of brightly winking, blinking, multiplying, and colliding dots.
Sample Games and Activities:
• Are You Coming? – Drag the dots into each and try to combine them
• Free Play – Tap the dots to play sounds and bump the dots into each other to see what happens
• Inside Goal – Table-top hockey-style game
• Yum – Watch as the dots "eat" each other
• Many Roads – Draw roads with your finger
• Fireworks – Launch the fireworks and watch them explode into sparkles


For iPhone
Rick Bayless, the ultimate authority on Mexican cuisine, shares 35 essential recipes and 40 instructional videos that make it easy to cook authentic Mexican food at home. For a limited time only, you can download this iPhone app for just $2.99—nearly half off the regular price of $4.99.

$2.99 Limited Time Only

Mexican Essentials
Rick Bayless’s recipe app with 35 authentic Mexican recipes, all gorgeously photographed and with instructional videos.
Functions, features:
• 35 essential Mexican recipes that Rick considers the foundation of his cooking
• 40 instructional videos that reveal ingenious tricks and techniques
• 35 beautiful, mouthwatering pictures of the recipes
• A list of 32 key ingredients, all with identification photos and advice on how to buy, use, and store them
• A shopping list aggregator to help you keep track of multiple ingredient lists at once


For iPad
This behind-the-scenes app from Stephan Pastis, the creator of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine, includes 250 of the best Pearls strips in full color, 12 animated strips, 125 audio commentaries, and 22 videos of Pastis sharing insights.


Only the Pearls
Functions, features:
• 250 of the best Pearls Before Swine strips in full color, handpicked by creator Stephan Pastis
• 125 integrated audio commentaries by Pastis
• 22 integrated video clips featuring Pastis
• 12 animated strips
• a window into Pastis's creative process, inspiration for the characters and strips, and life
• an interactive tour of Pastis' studio and writing room
• functionality to tag favorites and share through social media
• search and bookmarking tools


For iPhone, iPad and NOOK Color
Play and learn with Animal Show—31 farm and zoo animals and more than 100 noises and animal facts.


Animal Show
Functions, features:
• Perfect for ages 1 and up, includes 4 fun preschool learning games to teach animal names and build memory, recognition, matching, and counting skills
• Touch the animal photo to hear the animal noise! Swipe across the animal name to hear the name spoken, or touch the individual letters of the name to hear the animal name spelled. Each animal has three fun, child-friendly facts to listen to
• Includes four preschool-appropriate games, which build counting, recognition, memory, and matching skills: Counting eggs 1 to 10, memory game, matching game, and find the animal game


For iPhone and NOOK Color
Modern recipes for gourmet comfort food from the slow cooker.


Art of the Slow Cooker
Functions, features:
• 30 recipes for soups, stews, braises, classics, and sides
• 20 photos of finished recipes
• Add individual and multiple recipes to shopping list
• Aggregates list for multiple recipes into one shopping list
• Inside-app search
• Social media out-messaging and thumbnail photos to email, Facebook and Twitter  


For iPhone
Fail-safe recipes and grocery store shopping advice for young aspiring cooks.


First Real Kitchen
Functions, features:
• Swipe through recipe cards, picturing recipes
• 2 videos teach users key points for buying pork, fish, cheese, greens, root vegetables, and mushrooms
• Quick-reference ingredient info gives users short hand advice on buying ingredients such as vinegar
• Voice command to move through recipes, keeps sticky fingers off phone
• Search by ingredient names, terms, slang, recipes, or region
• Social media out-messaging and thumbnail photos to email, Facebook and Twitter  


For iPhone
How to shop, prepare, and cook the 100 most important Asian ingredients, with authentic recipes.


Asian Market Shopper
Functions, features:
• 100 ID photos for reference while shopping
• Over 125 audio recordings (for all ingredient and recipe names) offer pronunciation guides in author’s voice
• 10 instructional videos teach core lessons (how to prepare lemongrass, etc.)
• 25 iconic recipes
• Search by ingredient names, terms, slang, recipes, or region
• Social media out-messaging and thumbnail photos to email, Facebook and Twitter  


For iPhone and NOOK Color
Perfect cheese plates made easy with themed threesomes, substitutes, and wine suggestions.


Cheese Plate
Functions, features:
• 150+ identification photos
• Discover cheeses by country, type of milk, country of  origin
• Learn how to buy, taste, handle, and store cheese
• Inside-app  search
• Social media out-messaging with thumbnail photos to email, Facebook, Twitter (for cheese plates & 150 individual cheese profiles)