You can use this adorable sash in so many ways! Used as a belt, it makes boring old blue jeans suddenly chic. Worn as a neck scarf, it adds elegance to a plain sweater. Bad hair day? It works as a beautiful head scarf as well. And it makes a simple and quick sewing project that's perfect for gift giving. It's a fashion emergency staple!

• 1-3/8 yards (44"-wide) light- to mid-weight cotton for the sash

• 1/2 yard (1"-wide) decorative beaded

• Coordinating thread

• Scissors

• Straight pins

• Yardstick

• Chalk pencil or fabric marker

• Zipper foot

• Turning tool (such as a closed pair of scissors)

• Hand sewing needle

• All seams are 1/2" unless otherwise stated. (The 1/2" seam allowance is included in all cutting measurements and the pattern pieces.)

• Preshrink your fabric by washing, drying, and pressing it before starting your project.

STEP 1. Cut out the pattern pieces.

First, download and print the Sash pattern here. Cut out the pattern pieces.
Sash front end
Sash left end

STEP 2. Measure and mark the sash onto your fabric.

a. First, open up your piece of fabric. Fold it with the Right sides together on the bias of the fabric. Do this by matching one of the selvage edges with one of the cut edges to make a triangle shape. Press the folded edge and then pin along the fold to keep the fabric from slipping. (FIGURE 2A)

NOTE: The sash right and left end pattern pieces are provided. You will be measuring the length of the sash directly onto your fabric and then using the pattern pieces to make the point for each end of the Sash with Beaded Fringe.

b. Place the sash's left end pattern piece with the top edge on the fold of the fabric and pin the pattern piece in place.

c. Then, starting on the folded edge at the dotted line on the pattern piece, using a yardstick and a chalk pencil, measure over 47" and make a mark. Take the sash's right end pattern piece and place the top edge on the fold of the fabric, matching up the dotted line on the pattern piece so it's even with the mark you just made, and pin this pattern piece in place.

d. Now, using your yardstick, match up the bottom end of the dotted line on the left end pattern piece with the bottom end of the dotted line on the right end pattern pieces. Using your chalk pencil, mark down the side of your yardstick, lining up both ends. (You will have to move your yardstick to finish drawing the line.) Pin the fabric together inside the guideline you made between the pattern pieces at each end of the sash. The marked sash is 6" wide x 47" long. (FIGURE 2D)

STEP 3. Make the sash.

a. First, open up the sash panel and place it with the Right side facing up. Then, cut a 9" piece of beaded trim. Fold the tab section of the trim 1/2" in on each end and pin the folded ends in place. Starting on the left end of the sash, place the trim below the center crease (folded bias edge) and along the raw edge on the slanted side, with the beaded trim facing inside the panel. The other folded end of the trim will stop 1/2" in from the long side raw edge. Pin the trim in place. Using the zipper foot on your machine, stitch across the tab close to the inside edge, backstitching at each end. Repeat this step to cut and attach another 9" piece of beaded trim to the end on the right side of your sash. (FIGURE 3A)

b. Fold the sash panel in half lengthwise with Right sides together, matching up the raw edges on the long sides of each of the slanted sides. Tuck the beaded trim inside the sash and pin the raw edges in place. Starting at the folded edge on the sash, stitch a 1/2" seam across both slanted ends and down the long side, leaving a 6" opening in the center of the long side raw edge, backstitching at each end.

c. Using your scissors, trim in the seam allowance at the 2 pointed ends and at the angled corners at each end of the sash, making sure not to clip the stitching. (FIGURE 3C)

d. Pull the Right side of the sash through the 6" opening, using a turning tool to push out the corners of the sash and press.

e. Then, turn under the raw edges of the opening, press, and pin the opening closed. Slip stitch the opening closed by hand and press your sash flat.