Dear Teacher,

First of all, I want to thank you for what you do every day for kids. It's not just a matter of teaching them to read (though I'm all for that) or subtract or spell; you also show your students that knowledge makes life more interesting, more varied, and more fun. What could be better than that?

I love second-graders because they still have full access to their imaginations, while having reached a level of competence that allows them to act out their ideas without mortal danger. That's why I chose to write about the adventures of two second-grade girls, Ivy and Bean. They are regular kids who are living in a world with which many of their readers can identify, and each book chronicles a different event in their lives—just normal stuff like trying to break world records, getting rid of the ghost in the school bathroom, that sort of thing. Kid-readers see themselves in Ivy and Bean, while their parents and teachers see a series that bridges the transition from picture books to chapter books. The result? Everybody's happy!

We've heard from many teachers that Ivy + Bean is a terrific addition to the classroom, and we hope you use the materials you're given as a member of The Official Ivy + Bean Red Hot Reader Fan Club to bring the series (and some Ivy and Bean style fun!) to your students.

Best wishes,

Annie Barrows

Send a note to with:
• A photo of your class holding their Red Hot Reader Fan Club materials or favorite Ivy + Bean book
• Quotes from your students about why they love Ivy + Bean (include first name and age)
• Details on how you use Ivy + Bean in your classroom or tips for other teachers who'd like to do the same

And we'll feature you and your classroom on our site and the Chronicle Books blog AND we'll send you a fun Ivy + Bean prize package, including a character standee for your classroom!

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