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Yumi is always active and ready for an adventure.  She is a leader who is curious about everything around her but still manages to keep a perfect balance between modern Japan and the ancient arts. Yumi loves all kinds of art from graphic design, to contemporary art to film. She loves to travel.



Aoki is the smallest Kokeshi.  She often asks lots of questions and is very mischievous.  She is very playful and likes to make people laugh.  Aoki is always in a good mood and admires anything creative.



Michiko is gentle and the most traditional of the four girls.  She is often the moderator of the group and is very caring.  She believes in always being polite and is very knowledgeable about Japanese arts such as calligraphy.  Michiko loves tea ceremonies and visiting zen gardens.



Emi is the oldest and most romantic Kokeshi. She often acts as the "older sister" and provides mature and thoughtful advice. She likes to sing karaoke and admire beautiful clothing and décor. Emi is charming, seductive and dreamy all at the same time.



$17.99 HC
This irresistibly cute book introduces girls to the Kokeshis' fabulous world of pretty kimonos, unique hairdos, cheerful friends, and more! Gorgeously produced with sneak-peek flaps, fun die-cuts, and lavish gatefolds, this interactive exploration will delight girls of all ages.

$15.99 HC
Available in April 2012
Meet Aoki! She may be the smallest Kokeshi, but Aoki's infectious enthusiasm can make anyone laugh.  On her whirlwind trip to Tokyo, she will ride a high-speed train, dance under cherry blossom trees, and visit a zen garden.  With sneak-peek flaps, fun die-cuts, and lavish gatefolds, this interactive exploration will enchant Kokeshi fans of all sizes.

$15.99 HC
Available in April 2012
Meet Yumi! Clever and read for adventure.  Yumi can't wait to play with her friends at Kimi's costume party and you can help her get ready! Complete with peekaboo flaps, charming die-cuts, and extravagant gatefolds, discovering a whole new world has never been so much fun.

Kokeshi Mix & Match Stationery
The oh-so-stylish patterns and up-to-the minute fashions in the Kokeshi's world make this chic stationery set a wonderful way to connect with friends near and far! Includes 16 individual sheets with envelopes (4 designs repeated) and cute stickers to seal each message with a special flourish.

Kokeshi Style: Design Your Own Kokeshi Fashions
Design your own adorable Kokeshi outfits with this ultra-cute activity book. The pretty, colorful pages include step-by-step instructions on how to draw and style Kokeshi dolls along with ready-to-color kimonos and accessories.  Create your own patterns and prints to give your Kokeshi doll a unique look!

2013 Kokeshi Agenda
Available in July 2012
This colorful and irresistibly cute agenda makes every day burst with adorable Japanese delicacy. You won't want 2013 to end! With a durable plastic jacket to keep your agenda pristine, and a handy zipper pouch for storing necessities, this agenda will be a faithful companion for the year to come.

Kokeshi Notecards
These delightful notecards are a cut above the rest! Perfect for invites, thank-yous, and simple hellos, 15 giant die-cut notecards burst with adorable charm and Japanese delicacy. Includes a collection of matching accessory stickers so that each doll can hit the post office in style!

Kokeshi Journal
Mischievous and playful, Aoki loves having a special place to keep track of her favorite things and write down all her secrets. Now girls of all ages can share their own memories in this adorable cloth covered, fully lined journal.

Activity Kit Kokeshi Headband Kokeshi Search Game Kokeshi Doorhanger Kokeshi Thank You Card

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