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Here at Chronicle Books, environmental awareness extends into every corner of our workspace. When moving into our new building, we reused or repurposed as much as possible from the previous build-out, using natural renewable materials from local vendors whenever available. We also strive to use green products in our offices.

680 Second Street

During the building renovation, the architects reused light fixtures, doors, and windows as well as stairwells, often moving pieces around to find the right fit.

We donated the carpet from the previous build-out to two local organizations, and replaced the floorcovering with carpet tiles backed with ground recycled car windshields by local manufacturer Tandus.

The interiors were painted with low VOC paint, and the plumbing was updated with a low-flow water system to reduce consumption.

We used reclaimed wood to construct tables in the café space, library, and common areas, and crafted the book displays in our lobby and throughout the office from reclaimed timber pilings.

Renewable Energy

In 2009, our building attained ENERGY STAR certification from the EPA. In an energy audit performed recently, we received a performance rating of 82 out of 100. (A score of 75 is the minimum required for certification.)

Incorporating renewable energy sources into our building is an ongoing priority, and in May 2008 we completed a two-stage installation of solar panels on our roof. At peak on a clear day, we now generate 50 kilowatts per hour of electricity, or approximately 350 kW in a day. That's 3,500 times the amount of energy that a 100-watt light bulb consumes in an hour.

And speaking of light bulbs, we use CFL bulbs wherever possible and all lights in the building are set to timers and motion sensors to help conserve energy whenever a room is not in use.

A Greener Workspace

All printer paper and office stationery is 100% post-consumer-waste recycled, and janitorial paper products are 50% post-consumer-waste recycled.

We only use Method and Seventh Generation soaps and basic cleaning supplies in the office.

Janitorial service uses certified green cleaning products, special cloths instead of paper towels, and HEPA vacuums.