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Speed racers will love the thrill of seeing their own name and favorite color on every page of this book!

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Quick Overview

Take personalized books for kids to another level with Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver, a fully customizable children’s book about the exhilarating life of driving race cars. If your child dreams of getting behind the wheel and zooming around, she or he will be thrilled at how this children’s personalized book weaves him into the story and art of the book.

Take personalized books for kids to another level with Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver, a fully customizable children’s book about the exhilarating life of driving race cars. If your child dreams of getting behind the wheel and zooming around, she or he will be thrilled at how this children’s personalized book weaves him into the story and art of the book.

On top of this full customization that touches nearly every page, you also have the chance to add a personal dedication, adding sentimental value. This makes reading to your child even more special and will help encourage a life long love of reading.

How It Works

Select the “Personalize it” button to customize each page and preview the changes before purchase. Details you can personalize include, the child’s name (which appears on the cover and throughout the book) the gender, birthday, skin tone, hair color, favorite color, as well as personal information like home town, which will be used to name the race track in the story.

You can also modify an “award certificate” for the race your child wins in the story, as well as your personal dedication including an uploaded photo of your child. The final product will tell the story of your child, the speedy little race car driver, which will not only be personalized, but will feel almost interactive.

Why Personalized Books for Kids?

Customizing Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver to make your child the main character is a fun and exciting way to draw your child even further into the story and ratchet up their enthusiasm for reading every night. This is the kind of story your kid can memorize and read along. And of course, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to add a heartfelt dedication that starts every reading of the story.

Later in life, long after your child has moved on from bedtime stories and children’s books, they will return to these books. The personalized dedication you include will be even more meaningful then, because they will have the lens of experience through which to view your note and how special that time in your lives together was. Favorite kid’s books will always have that special place, but a personalized dedication will make it even more powerful.

From seeing his or her name in the edition of "Racetrack Times” and on the first-prize certificate in the story, to enjoying the presence of his or her favorite color on nearly every page, Speedster: A Day in the Life of a Race Car Driver will demonstrate that personalized books for kids make this rollicking story even more fun for parents and children alike.

9 x 9 in
24 pp
Hardcover Unjacketed

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Customer Reviews Write a review

Great gift

9/3/14| Linds
This book is such fantastic quality and makes a great personalized gift!!

Highly Recommend

6/20/14| Nicole
I bought this book for a 1st Birthday present and the parents loved it! They really treasure the book and read it to their son every night. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone interested.


6/12/14| Sara
We bought this book for our friend's son's first birthday and he loves it! It is such a unique and special gift. We will definitely be ordering this again!

Great Baby Gifts

4/29/14| LCMAMA
I have been giving these books to all my friends for their newborn little ones and they all RAVE about them. They are a great unique gift and it is fun to include some names and places that make the gift memorable. Love them!!

Speedster Demarco

2/13/14| Casey
I purchased this book for my 4 year old son. He LOVES it! It is so much cuter than any other personalized books I have done for my boys. I now have to create one for his 6 yr old brother!!

Special and Unique gift

2/3/14| Krista
My sister loved the personalized Speedster book that I sent for her new baby boy. I couldn't stop smiling as I proofread it myself before finalizing my order. It was one of the the best gifts that I have ever sent. I want to make one for my own daughter as keepsake that she can have the rest of her life...

3 year old loved it, and 7 year old wished he got one

2/1/14| Emily
This was a wonderful birthday present to my 3-year-old. He loved it, and my 7-year-old was a little sad he didn't get one!

It's fun that they use names from friends in his preschool class (I was able to customize).

Highly recommend!!

Put a Smile on a Little Boys Face

2/1/14| Shauna
I purchased this cute book for my nephew who is 2 years old and who loves books and cars. I couldn't have purchased a better gift for him. I don't know who enjoyed reading the book more, my nephew or his parents. I LOVE Chronicle Books personalized books. I can't say enough positive things about them.

My son loved it.

2/1/14| GLADYS L
This was a great gift and my son really loved it. It was a present for his 4th bday and a great hit. It was easy to customize and looks great. My son often picks this for bedtime story over his other books. We all loved it.

Great Gift

1/31/14| Mulligan
I ordered the speedster book for my grandson who just turned 3. He loved seeing his name on the pages of a book. I was also able to put his brothers name and his aunts name as his racing competitors which is great and works to make everyone happy.

Excellent present

1/31/14| Anca
This present was perfect for my nephew who is going through his racing car phase.

Speedster was a Christmas hit!

1/30/14| Carol
The personalized Chronicle book "Speedster" was a hit with my grandson, his father, and his mother. When I read the book aloud everyone's eyes got wide and smiles abounded. What a wonderful way to get children to be inspired and amazed by books. The best review came from my grandson who said, "Again!" Kudos to Chronicle for professional service, delivery on time, and attention to detail. This grandma will order again in 2014.

Loved it!!! Great Xmas Gift!!!

1/30/14| XmasKids
I bought this book as a gift for my Cousins son and he loved it. It was so cool how you could personalize his name, birth date, home town. Even his siblings could be included in the book. I will definitely be ordering more books in the future.


1/29/14| Cody
I love the idea of personalized books. This is the second one we've ordered from Chronicle Books and we plan on ordering more in the future! "Speedster Duke" has been my 2 year old son's favorite book ever since he opened it on Christmas morning. The story is great and the illustrations are beautiful.

So Cute!

1/29/14| Amy
I personalized the Speedster book for my 3 yr old nephew/godson for Christmas. He absolutely loves it! He even took it to school for show-and-tell to have his teacher read it to the class. He thought it was so neat this his picture was in the book and that he got to race his friends! I would definitely recommend this product!

Great Idea!

1/29/14| Kimmie
Customizing books is a wonderful idea. This book was easy to customize. I was even able to insert the names of a couple of my son's cousins in the book-- which personalized the book even more. My son is Asian, and I wish there was a way to customize the characters even further by including a bit of ethnicity. Other than that, I am pleased with the book.


11/16/13| Rei
We received this book from a friend last Christmas. It instantly became my son's favorite book. Not only was he in the book but he was able to race his friends! I will definitely be giving this book to my nephew for Christmas.

I only wish you could customize some of the names on the cars as they are racing. Not that my son seems to notice, but he is only 2. :)

Great book and easy to customize

11/11/13| Wendy
I got this book for my 3 year old nephew and he loves it! I love that you can add a photo and I think it's a neat option that once you customize the book, the new page shows on the screen so you can see what it looks like. I think an "auto populate" option would be great for ordering multiple books.

Little Ari loved it!

11/5/13| Preethi
I bought this for my friend's 4-year-old. He was absolutely delighted with it. I love that this is personalized from beginning to end, with an actual story line that develops and resolves, unlike a lot of other personalized books on the market for kids. The little newspaper report is a wonderful touch. It's been almost a year since he's had the book - and now his sister has asked me for one for herself!

Nephew LOVED it!

10/21/13| Dana
I ordered the Speedster Fully Personalized Book this past May for my nephew who was turning two years old and he LOVED it! He is very into cars and loves reading the book hearing his own name as well has some of his favorite people-his mommy,daddy, cousin joey and favorite uncle. Whenever my sweet nephew gets to choose what bedtime story to ready, my sister in law said its hand down allways his personalized book! I would definitely recommend these books to anyone! Great gifts and just ordered some more!

Speedster Brody

10/18/13| Harriet
We purchased the Speedster book for our grandson's 2nd birthday. He loves cars so it was perfect. He wants it read to him almost every night and now that he also "reads" he has fun supplying all the key words and his name. We've also ordered several other personalized books and each child has loved their gifts.

Wonderful reading motivator

10/18/13| Julie
Our son is just starting to learn letters and words, so this book has been fantastic way to get his excited about reading. He loves to point out his name and is so proud. I love the quality of this book; I am sure it will last through years worth of readings. This is one of my absolute favorite kids' items!


10/18/13| Jennifer
My nephew loved this book! I have purchased many other personalized books from different companies; however, this book from Chronicle was by far the best! It was extra cute because my nephew’s name was not only in the story, but also included in the illustrations. Adorable!

great personalization

10/18/13| Earlene
I chose this book for my 4 year old son because it was personalized all over the book, not just in the front cover. When you have a book that is made just for that person, it is extra special and they love reading it over and over again. Not to mention, he ends up being the winner at the end! Definately reccommend it to anyone wanting a unique personalized gift for a budding young reader.

He loves pretending to race

7/24/13| May
I bought the Speedster book for my son. He loves pretending to race with his two best friends featured in the book. Thank you Chronicle Books for making such wonderful books!!

Speedster personalized book

7/9/13| jmozzy
I purchased the Speedster personalized book for my son and my whole family loves it. Nice hard cover. Good quality pages. My 3 year old loves the personaliztion. I loved the book so much I have purchased more as gifts. Very special item that I definitely recommend.

My Son Loves This Book!

7/5/13| Jaime
My son is really into race cars and so this seemed like a good bet - but it far surpassed my expectations. He loves it so much and is so excited to see that his car is his favorite color and that the story is in his town etc. All the little details that Chronicle puts in make it much better than other personalized books. This is something that you and your whole family will cherish for a long time.

Great gift

7/2/13| Michelle
I bought this gift for my nephew for Christmas. He loves racing and loves winning, so this book was a huge hit. He loved seeing his name and picture in a book. Great gift idea!!

Bedtime Favorite - EVERY night!

6/26/13| Karen
My son just loves his new personalized book. He pulls it out each night and insists that we slowly read through, pointing out all the customized details of him as the star racer! It's very fun. What a great gift to give!

EXCELLENT gift personalized with so much!

6/26/13| Margaux K.
I bought 2 of these books for 2 different nephews and they loved it! Big hit amongst the kids and parents alike. There is ability to add not only the child's name but the other racers, racetrack, etc. Also added a picture for their "driver's license" within story...great personal touch! If you are looking for a different and unique gift that they will treasure for a long time, this is it!

Speedster Book a Big Hit!

6/25/13| Maria
My husband and I gave the Speedster book to our son for his birthday. This personalized book was his favorite gift, and continues to be nearly four months later. He enjoys the fact that his other two brothers are also characters in the book, as well as our town name. Sweet story, perfect gift!

Great Gift

6/25/13| Michelle
I'm really happy with the quality of the book I recieved and the content. It made for a wonderful gift. The paper is not cheap like you get from some sites. I would recommend this book.


4/11/13| Maureen
My son received this as a gift and he really enjoys it -- so much so, that when I was the "mystery reader:" at his school, I brought this books. The kids liked it so much and some were asking for copies of their own. The illustrations and story are great -- highly recommend.


1/21/13| Mom of two boys
My younger son received this book as a gift and he loves it! It was personalized by his grandmother with his birthday, favorite color, etc. He loves finding his name and car on every page!

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Speedster Fully Personalized Book