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Seedlings: Lions

Seedlings: Lions


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Hello, elephants and lions. Hello, penguins and monkeys.
Hello, … fun! The new Seedlings books offer irresistible
introductions to six exotic but familiar animals, using a
friendly voice and text crafted for the youngest of readers
to touch upon the creatures’ bodies, behaviors, habitats,
and family relationships. Dynamic photos, meanwhile,
provide alluring depictions of the featured animal eating,
moving, growing, and playing. Put these books on your
shelves and plant the seeds of knowledge!

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Size: 8-3/4 × 8-3/4 in;
Pages: 24 pp pp;
Publication: March 2013
ISBN: 9780898127843
ISBN10: 089812784X

Media Reviews

“Stunning, full-page photographs create immediate visual interest.”

“These titles combine excellent-quality photography with solid factual material and a myth or folktale to round out the offerings.”
School Library Journal

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