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Moleskine® Smartphone Case

Moleskine® Smartphone Case


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A selection of bags and cases to carry
and organize your papers, large
and small, tools and digital devices.
Designed with unmistakable Moleskine
features, they are classic black with
rounded corners, elastic closure
and an ivory-colored interior.

Moleskine welcomes a new small size to its family
of cases. Designed to embrace and safeguard your digital
creativity, this multifunctional case fi ts a variety
of smartphones. Like the Laptop Cases, the Smartphone
Case is black and rectangular, recalling the design features
of the Moleskine notebook, and thanks to its back pocket,
it connects your analog world to your digital device.

External features:

- elastic closure

- back pocket to hold small objects, including
a Moleskine Volant or Cahier XS

- color: Black

Internal features:

- ivory velour lining

- can hold different models of smartphones,
including iPhone all models

Materials and dimensions:

- matte black polyurethane on a woven support

- stretch fabric on sides and bottom to ensure
best fit

3 1/4 x 1 1/4 4 3/4

More Details

Publication: March 2013
ISBN: 9788866138495
ISBN10: 8866138495

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