Fully Personalized Book

Night Before Christmas

By Clement Clarke Moore, Illustrated by Virginia Allyn

On Christmas Eve, nestle your children all snug in their beds with a personalized Christmas story!

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Quick Overview

Customize this classic Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore with your child’s name, town, favorite pet, and more. Write a special dedication message, upload your holiday photo, and even include your child on Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” list. Children will delight to see themselves in this personalized Christmas book and hear their names as you read it to them year after year.

Create a unique holiday gift for the special child in your life with this personalized Christmas book! Customize this classic Christmas poem by Clement Clarke Moore with your child’s name, town, favorite pet and more. Write a special dedication message, upload your holiday photo, and even include your child on Santa’s “Nice” list. Children will delight to see themselves in this favorite holiday storybook and hear their names as you read it to them year after year.

Holidays are about traditions and families coming together to celebrate those traditions. This year, start a new holiday tradition by reading the personalized book, The Night Before Christmas. This classic treasure is one of our most popular personalized books and is the quintessential gift for the holidays for sons and daughters, nieces and nephews and kids of all ages. All children will love to see their name on the front cover just below Santa’s sleigh.

The Perfect Holiday Personalized Book

Sharing The Night Before Christmas with your family is an amazing, memorable experience. An age-old favorite, this lovely Christmas poem – written by Clement Clarke Moore and illustrated by Virginia Allyn – explores the wonders of this magical holiday. Fully customizable, this personalized book lets you add your son or daughter’s name, hometown, and even favorite pet, among other personal touches. You can write a special dedication at the front of the book. You even have the option to include your child’s name on Santa’s “nice” list. Upload your young one’s picture – perhaps from last year’s Santa visit or another favorite holiday photo. This wonderful story delights children and families year after year.

More Personalized Gift Items for the Holidays

Christmas is about giving. Keep The Night Before Christmas magic alive by giving complementary, customized gifts. See below for some fantastic holiday gift ideas.

Olive, The Other Reindeer: This book conveys the tale of a dog that fancies herself as a reindeer. Olive’s story delights kids of all kinds – especially when they see pictures of themselves scattered throughout this Christmas legend.

Night Before Christmas Personalized Cards: These personalized Christmas cards incorporate the same illustrations from the book. You can upload a family photo, write your own greeting and select a special message full of holiday cheer.

Night Before Christmas Personalized Placemats: Decorate the table with personalized placemats that incorporate art from the book as illustrated by Virginia Allyn.

Night Before Christmas Gift Card: This fun present includes the recipient’s name, picture and a special message celebrating the season. All artwork is inspired form the classic tale.

By Clement Clarke Moore, Illustrated by Virginia Allyn
9 x 9 in
32 pp
Hardcover Unjacketed

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Customer Reviews Write a review


4/30/14| Al
We gave this as a christmas gift to a family member who loved it! The personalization of the book makes it so special, especially adding the names of pets. She loved the traditional text, with a personal touch! I plan on giving this as a gift again in the future!

A Classic Keepsake

4/29/14| Alissa
We gave this book to our son for Christmas last year, and it was a wonderful surprise for him. The book is high quality with wonderful illustrations. Our son was delighted by the personalization including the selection of pet and our names on the stockings. We are so happy to have this classic Christmas book and look forward to reading it each year for years to come.

Best Christmas Keepsake

4/23/14| Lori B417
This book was a wonderful gift to our daughter. We were in the process of adopting her and it was the perfect gift to give her on our first Christmas together.


3/24/14| Caitlin
I ordered this book for my friend's daughter. The level of detail is wonderful, allowing the customizer to include the child's name, parents' names, family name, street name, pet name, etc. It was a big hit with my friend's toddler daughter as well as all the adults wanting to read and reread it! My only criticisms are that it would be good if it could include more than one child's name, as I would have bought many, many more for other friends with multiple children, and it would be good (and simple) to be able to include non mother/father families as well. But overall, a really lovely item!

Fantastic Gift

3/6/14| Ana
This book was a wonderful Christmas gift for our grandson. His parents were surprised and in awe of how personalized the story was! We enjoyed seeing their joyful and surprised reactions; and we know this book will become a special part of their yearly Christmas traditions. I will continue to purchase this wonderful book and will recommend that others buy it, too.

LOVE this book

2/5/14| Renee B.
I bought this book for my daughter (2.5 years old) and my niece (7 months old) for Christmas, and they were huge hits! My daughter loved hearing us read a book that included her name and our cat's name in it. My sister loved that the book was personalized with my niece's name and their dog's name. These are treasures that will be wonderful keepsakes for years to come!


2/4/14| Katie
This book was absolutely adorable to give as a gift! My godson's birthday is actually Christmas Eve so it was a great "birthmas" gift. The illustrations were amazing and it allowed for me to use both of his mother's names in the book! Absolutely loved it!

The Perfect Gift!

2/1/14| Cynthia
I ordered The Night Before Christmas and had it personalized for my niece's first Christmas. My first thoughts upon arrival was how the illustrations are beautifully vibrant jewel tones, and they make each page pop out and engage the reader more. The personalized storyline is adorable, and the gift was a huge hit with our entire family! This personalized book is the the perfect gift for children of all ages!

Very Impressed

2/1/14| Kathryn
I purchased this book for my nephew and was very pleased when I received it. He absolutely loved the book and was so excited to see his picture in the sugar cookie!! He was thrilled that his name was on every page and even his dog was in there. The book arrived in a timely manner and was top quality. I will definitely purchase more books for him in the future.

A Big Hit

2/1/14| Shauna
I bought this book for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loved it. What a exciting surprise to open up this gift for Christmas and to see her name on the front cover and picture and personalization throughout the book. The illustrations are really cute as well. The only thing I would have loved to have been different about this book, was I loved how the Princess book that I purchased as well had the option to change the hair color to match my daughter. In the Night Before Christmas book you did not have the option of changing the way the main character looked. Besides that, we loved everything else about this book.

Great find!

1/31/14| Jennifer
I purchased this Christmas book for my goddaughter and she absolutely loved it! It was made so well and the pictures were great! She was most excited about her name being on every page! Well worth the money!

Great Christmas Tradition!

1/31/14| Jen
I bought this for my son's first Christmas. The illustrations look great and I love the fact that it is personalized for my little one. I look forward to reading this book to him every year on Christmas Eve!

A Childhood Treasure

1/29/14| Allyson
I got this for our baby boy's 1st Christmas (9 months old) and both parents and son loved it! Beautiful artwork and great customization with baby's name and names of loved ones (parents, siblings, even the family cat or dog). This will certainly be a treasure he will enjoy reading every holiday season.

Great Gift

1/29/14| Kathleen
I bought this book for my 2 year old grandson. He loved the book! The quality of the book and pictures were wonderful. I love the idea of personalizing the classic story to keep the reading interest going. I was so impressed that I ordered the Pirate adventure as a Valentine gift. That has arrived and once again the quality is outstanding. Thank you

Santa Lovin' Boy

1/29/14| Brandi
This book is by far a favorite of my sons.. He wants to read it even past Christmas if we let him.,, he laughs all the way through from his dogs name in the book, to his cousins names on the presents. It's so personalized on every page. We love it and are looking forward to reading it every single year as he grows up.


1/29/14| SUE
I ordered 2 of these books as gifts for my grandsons. They are very well made and the use of the child's name & friends, family or pets in the book is very well placed.
(my only suggestion would be to be able to get some type of tracking information once the book has been shipped) I also ordered another title for my niece who lives in another state & I tried to call the company (to see if it had been shipped & received) & left a message, but no one returned my call.
She did receive it, but I would have liked to have been able to check the status myself.

Just adorable

1/28/14| Veronica
I purchased this book for my two year old daughter, and it was a great introduction to Christmas and Santa Claus. The pictures are beautiful and there are a lot of special details. She took it to "school" with her and the teacher read it to the whole class too! My only criticism is the spacing of the letters (actually the apostrophe on the cover), and the uniformly black color of the text, is a little off.


1/28/14| Nicole
I had something like this as a kid, and loved it. I was looking for one for my daughter (nearly 4) and found a few other options that were reviewed poorly. This one clearly takes the cake! Hard cover, wonderful graphics, many personalisztion options, and the optional photo are great. I also like that it's the classic tale, not a modern story you haven't read before. I REALLY like that you can preview it page by page. Wonderful!!

Love it!!

1/15/14| Jordan
I ordered this as a present for my niece and everyone loved it! You can customize a lot of the book and it shows you a preview of your choices as you write them in. I absolutely love it and am so glad i bought it!

Emily's Night Before Christmas

1/13/14| Carol Ann
I ordered this book for my 1st granddaughter. We read it to her on Christmas Eve 2013. It was SOOO special because it came from me. I was able to insert a picture of me and her granddaddy on the dedication page which is very special. I am a retired school media specialist, and I ordered books for the library collection for 30 years. I can honestly say that this is a quality book. It has a good binding, professional illustrations and a good paper stock. Every page has something "personalized" for the child from friend's names to hometown. I have told lots of friends about this and other books available for personalization. I definately recommend this book!

Absolutely loved it!

1/10/14| Tara
I ordered the personalized version of the Night Before Christmas for my son and absolutely loved it! Not only was the book personalized with his name, but we were also able to include our names, our pets names, and the city where we live. This book will be a great Christmas tradition for our family. I look forward to our next purchase!

Best Book Purchase Ever!

12/18/13| Allison
I had been searching high and low for a "T'was the Night Before Christmas" book for my daughter. It is one that I remember reading as a kid and wanted to start this tradition with my child. I was going to buy a regular book and write a message to her, but I knew this was way better than anything I could do! When I received the book it was beyond my expectations!! The quality is great, colors vibrant, and personalization on almost every page. My fiancé LOVED it when he read it and realized it was tailored to our family. I can't wait to order other personalized books in the future.

Awesome Product

12/17/13| mark
We just received the personalized copy of The Night Before Christmas that we ordered for a friends 2 year old son. We were a little hesitant to open the box, not sure of the quality we would find inside. WOW, we can't wait for our friends son to open this package.
We will recommend this product to all of our friends. No, on second thought, we might just keep this our little secret and surprise all of our friends with personalized books.

My Night Before Christmas

12/17/13| Therese
I think it is amazing to customize our child's book to input her name, birthday and dedication.

This book is so awesome!

12/16/13| Kelsey
This book is so awesome! I had been looking for a book like this because I got one when I was little! This year is my little boy's first Christmas and I just know he is going to absolutely love it! I have already recommend this to a couple of friends that are new moms as well! Awesome site and books!!!

Night Before Christmas

12/14/13| Andrea
I bought this for my daughter and can't wait to read it to her this Christmas and make it a yearly tradition. Came out so cute and I just love all the personalizations that the book allows you to do. Recommended to my friends and family and they love it too!

So happy we purchased!

12/13/13| Christine
We bought this book for my son (it's his first Christmas) and personalized it. It came out amazing! I'm so happy with it. It was really cute for my husband and I to go through the book and see where my son's name (Jack) was inserted, and our cats name - super cute. I highly recommend. I'm looking forward to treasuring this for a long time to come!

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Night Before Christmas Fully Personalized Book