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With her name and favorite color on every page, this book is a dream come true for your little princess!

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Quick Overview

Personalize this enchanting fairy tale for the most important princess in your life. You can insert your child's name, upload her photo, choose her favorite color for the princess's dress, select skin tone and hair color, pick special qualities that you love about your princess, and even insert her birthday and hometown for details throughout. In Princess: A Day in the Life of a Princess, your child will be thrilled to see her own name appear throughout the story.
Princess Books: Personalization Fit for A Princess

What little girl wouldn’t love seeing herself as the princess in her very own princess book? MyChronicleBooks presents this classic children’s tale, including full personalization to both delight and enchant little girls who dream of being a princess themselves. Princess: The Day in the Life of a Princess lets your daughter or another special little girl in your life share in royal dreams by incorporating your child’s name, skin tone, hair color, photo, hometown, birth date and favorite color throughout the story. In addition to the book, we also offer a number of companion products based on the princess book theme that can be personalized for your child.

What Does Full Personalization Mean?

When selecting the Princess book for full personalization you will be able to insert your little girl’s name onto the front cover and on pages throughout the story, even adding her birth date and hometown to make the Princess book a one-of-kind treasure for your child. Your little girl will be thrilled to see herself as the main character as she reads her fan mail from loyal subject, rides her royal coach with her favorite horse and has an amazing day, enjoying all the escapades of the royal life.

Our fully personalized Princess book process also allows you upload your child’s photo and to select her favorite color for her dress, choose skin tone and hair color, along with options to incorporate additional qualities throughout the story that you adore about your princess. Plus, add a special message for your child, whether this unique and memorable gift is for her birthday, a holiday or simply because you know she’ll love being a princess. With your help, our fully personalized Princess book will reflect your child’s personality and preferences, making the Princess book truly one-of-a-kind.

How Do I Personalize The Princess Book?

We offer step-by-step instructions when you order the Princess book. You will be given prompts at key stages that allow you to insert your child’s name, photo, hometown, pet’s name, select her favorite color, skin tone, hair color and additional qualities into the story. The personalization process is easy and quick and a simple How-To video is available to get you started.

Matching Princess Products

Because we know your little girl will love receiving her Princess book, we have developed a number of companion products with specially selected scenes from the original storybook. Just add your child’s name, skin tone, hair color, favorite color for her dress and hometown and watch her excitement grow with each gift you give. We are confident your little princess will love getting the entire Princess collection. Related Princess items we carry include:

  • Princess Personalized Placemat – keep your little princess tidy at mealtime with a fun and colorful placemat.
  • Princess Personalized Lunch Box – add your child’s name on the front lid to add a touch of individuality.
  • Princess Personalized Growth Chart – great for measuring your little princess’s growth as she turns into a queen.
  • Princess Personalized Canvas Wall Art – guaranteed to add magic to any little girl’s room.
  • Princess Personalized Gift Cards – insert your little girl’s name, picture, along with a personal message to accompany all gifts she will receive from the Princess collection.

9 x 9 in
24 pp
Hardcover Unjacketed

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Customer Reviews Write a review

Excellent Gift Idea

4/22/14| Jennifer
I purchased several books for all my neices and nephews (i had to be fair =) ). They all really enjoyed the book and told me that their kids loved them. It's such a special gift even if the little ones can't read yet. When they hear their name and the names of their closest sibling,friends,cousins etc. they get so excited. I recommend this product to anyone with kids!

Princess Gabriella

4/22/14| Jehan
My sister & brother in law are HUGE book lovers. So when my niece (their 1st child) was born I bought this book for her & it was a big hit with our family. Even though she is only a year old now it is by far her FAVORITE book. She always points to it when its bed or story time. I might need to buy her a new copy because she gets so excited on same pages that it has torn a couple times (we just tape it back together). Anyway this is going to be a great keepsake for her & I'm so happy that I found this site! I already have my eyes on other books/items for her & also myself!

P.S.- I have 2 other nieces who are 15 & 17 & they wished they could have this book for themselves too! LOL

Great Gift!

4/22/14| Kassie
Purchased for a friend's daughter's birthday and she loved it! Have purchased chronical books for my children as well and have always been very happy with them!

PERFECT for any little Princess

4/22/14| Donna
I bought this for my 3 year old niece. She got a kick out of seeing her picture in an actual princess book. And to see a story about herself and the family dog included was precious. We all love it!

Personally Perfect

4/22/14| Beth
When I was a child my parents gave me a personalized book about Santa and his reindeer visiting me. It included the family pet and a best friend. I still cherish that book and it made me want to give the same memory to my daughter. Thank you, Chronicle Books, for making that possible. This is a beautiful book.


3/2/14| Sara
My 10 month old daughter absolutely loves this book! It's so exciting for her to hear her name on every page and get to be a princess. This makes a fantastic gift too!

Worth every penny!!!

2/18/14| Adebanke
I bought this for my 2 year old daughter, and she just loves this book! Especially that it's HER name and all HER favorite things! She wants you to read it to her over and over again... Worth every penny!

princess zoe

2/11/14| sue
loved the book, I bought it for my 4 year old granddaughter and she loved it!!

Love this book!!

2/7/14| Barbara
I bought this for my daughter for her birthday and it is one of her favorite books to read. She loves how it's personalized with "her" name in it and has all her favorite treats. She loves horses, so she was delighted that it had her very own horse in it! Definitely a 5 star book!

Great Gift!

2/4/14| Meryl
Ordered this for my 2 year old daughter, who is very into playing princess. She loves it!! I know she will love it for years to come as well when she begins reading. She already loves seeing her name throughout the book!

So Darling!

2/1/14| Shauna
I have now purchased this book for my 7 year old daughter and my 4 year old niece. Both were equally excited to receive this book as a gift and they couldn't get over the fact that their name, picture, favorites, etc. were all over the book.
I can't say enough how simple and flawless the personalization process was as well as how adorable the illustrations are. I HIGHLY recommend this book! What a keepsake to have forever.

Perfect for my daughter

1/30/14| Liza
I bought this for my 4 year old daughter's birthday and she absolutely loved it! She was old enough to recognize the city in which she lived, her name, etc. and of course she loved that the princess was PINK! I can't wait to get a boy book for my son. thanks!

Another special gift that is timeless

1/29/14| Kimberlee
I personalized this for my niece for Christmas. She's 3, so she's just old enough to get a kick out of being the main character in the story, and recognizing the horse has the same name as her dog. And while she can't read yet, this book will remain special to her for many years to come.

I thought it was pretty neat you could pick personality traits for the character, although I think if you could put in your own words, it may be better. All In all, a wonderful gift idea I'd recommend to anyone.


1/29/14| Joana
I ordered this book for my 5 year old daughter for Christmas and she absolutely loved it!!! This book exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be ordering more books for gifts!

Perfect For Your Princess

1/28/14| Gail
I purchased this book for our granddaughter who is now 9 mos. old. Of course she is too young to appreciate it but her mommy loves the book. The illustrations are beautiful and the details that can be added make this book really special. We buy a lot of books for our granddaughter and have purchased personalized books from different companies but this one is a favorite..


1/28/14| Stephanie
This book exceeded my expectations. I love all the details you can personalize inside. We named the pony after our own dog, Lily. My daughter loves it! I'm sure it will be a favorite for many years to come as well. I can't wait to order more for friends. It makes a great gift!

Cutest Book for your Little Princess!

1/28/14| Danika
Ordered it for my 4 year old's b-day present. She loves it! Very easy to order and super adorable. Book is sturdy and colors are bold and beautiful; it was an added bonus to be able to have the option to include a picture of our little princess! Definitely, a wonderful addition to any library, and a perfect keepsake. Highly recommend it as continues to be one of my little one's favorites!

What Every Princess will be Thrilled to Have

12/17/13| Harriet
Our soon to be 5 year old was sooo happy to have her very own Princess book. She had seen the same book we had personalized for her cousin a few months ago and anxiously awaited her birthday to have her very own. She can read her name and recognize letters so she was excited to "read" the story and thrilled to find her name so often. We also used it to teach her all about "birth stones" and their varied colors as we explained why her crown was a different color then her cousins. A much loved gift to be sure!

Great surprise for kids

12/16/13| Courtney
I bought this for my 4 year old niece last Christmas and she loved it! She was so surprised to see her name and other things in her life throughout the book. Will definitely buy more!


11/26/13| Melissa
This is a beautiful, high quality gift. So many personalized books look cheap to me. Not this one! Wish I could have picked the princess's favorite food since my daughter doesn't really like cupcakes or fruit much! Also would be nice to be able to choose physical characteristics of the king & queen. A picky complaint is that my daughter's name was not centered on the front cover banner. It was over to the right quite a bit. Other than that, love it!

Adorable Personalized Books.

11/19/13| Jamierm
I was looking for a keepsake Christmas idea for my children, nieces and nephews and found Chronicle books. I love all the different parts of the story that can be personalized! Simply Adorable!

Beautiful Book!

11/11/13| Ashleighpb
I bought this book last year for my niece who was two and it was a huge hit! The book is beautiful and the personalized parts were so perfect. I could not ask for a better personalized gift. I am ordering another for my other niece this Christmas!

Darling Book

11/1/13| Nicole
I bought the book and placemat. I loved the detailed options for customizations (hair, favorite color, etc) and including a photograph. It really made the book unique at every flip of the page. Absolutely darling! I would definitely recommend.

Fit for a Princess!

10/29/13| Erika
I found My Chronicle Books through Groupon and decided to give it a try. I am now a repeat customer. The books are great quality and the kids love the stories. Personalizing it with their name, favorite color and other information just makes it more special. Both the girls really feel like a princess when they read the story.


10/19/13| Mari
I ordered three of these books through Groupon.
I had it personalized for our niece. Loved the fact that you could change the color as well as the names. Perfect!

Such a cute book!

10/19/13| Kathryn
My little princess loves her personalized book! She was so excited to hear her name in the story.

Her favorite book!

10/18/13| April
Got this for my daughter's second birthday. She absolutely loves it. You can never just read it once. I honestly love it too. We are planning on getting her a book from here every year now :)

Wonderful Gift Idea

10/18/13| Lexigurl
I love our personalized book. I had the opportunity through blogging to review this specific product. We are in love, there is even a spot to add your little one's picture. You can personalize the colors and your child's name and info appears throughout the book. We love to pick out our daughter's name and show her. It even has our last name in it - so excited because it is very difficult to spell and I hope her seeing it will help!

I recommend this as a gift for any little girl, I am sure the boy books are just as good. There is a ton of personalization on every page. The print quality is wonderful as is the printing and shipping. Everything arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

it makes her so happy

7/24/13| May
I bought the Princess book first for my oldest daughter who is 6 now. She read it everyday for a month when she first received it for her 5th Christmas and still reads it on occasion now. She talks about it like she was really there living in a castle and it makes her so happy.

Read it 100+ times and she STILL requests it every night

7/15/13| Carmen
It would not be an exaggeration to say our daughter could have us read this to her for the next 100 nights and would enjoy it as if it was her first time hearing it.

This is HER book from cover to cover. This is a wonderful gift, that will be used regularly. We've had one made for our niece and two nephews, and would not hesitate to design one for upcoming gift choices.

I believe this book would make any little girl to feel like a princess!

7/9/13| Ana
The cutest part is when you can even insert her hometown which appears in the story, her name is in every page which will make any girl to feel super special. This book is wonderfully written, very colorful and every special little girl should get one!

Perfect Gift

7/5/13| Mandy
We've ordered a couple of these for friends and family as gifts. They're great for kids of all ages! It's always a hit!

Won't be disappointed!!

7/3/13| Lacy
I ordered three of these books through Groupon! Two were gifts and one was for my own daughter! I must say, all three kids LOVED their books! They were amazed at the fact that each book included information about them! These books are durable and very unique! I plan to order more in the near future.

A Day in the Life of a Princess

6/30/13| Catherine
I purchased this book for my three-year-old princess. It was fun personalizing it with her favorite color, her birth month, a horse name she likes, a couple of her personality traits, and her picture (so it "hangs" on the castle wall). The book is beautiful and high quality. My daughter loves it. We read it several times a week. We are on vacation right now and she chose her princess book as one of the two books she could bring.

My niece loved it!

6/28/13| Wendy
Found this book and had it personalized for my niece. Loved the fact that you could change the color as well as the names. Perfect for a girl named Rylee who loves pink!

Eyes Light Up!

6/27/13| andrea
This is a wonderful book for preschool aged children. I gave this book to a friends 4 year old girl for her birthday and her eyes just lit up when she saw it was all about her! She has to read it every night! I will definitely be giving this book again as a gift.


6/26/13| margie
Princess is great for all little princesses out there, it's too cute!

Something they'll keep!

6/26/13| India
I bought this book for my niece and and she loved it. My brother and sister-in-law did as well. It is very well-made and looks even better on paper than in the preview. So many cute touches- her name, favourite colour, horses name, palace, kingdom, birthstone, etc. Money well-spent!

Excellent Gift for Lil Girl

6/26/13| Margaux K
I bought 2 of these books for 2 different nieces and they loved it! Big hit amongst the kids and parents alike. There is ability to add not only the child's name but the horses, kingdom, etc. If you are looking for a different and unique gift that they will treasure for a long time, this is it!

So sweet!

6/25/13| Danielle
Gave this to my niece for her 3rd birthday... It paired nicely with the matching gift card. My sister teared up when she opened it to see pics of her baby girl and personalizations throughout the story!!

Perfect personal touch!

6/25/13| B.
I bought this personalized princess book for my niece for her 1st birthday and it turned out great. You can personalize the name, name of the "palace," the colors of her hair and dress, horse's name, and even a picture and special message. Love how it turned out and can't wait to spend years reading it to her!

Personalized Princess Book

6/25/13| Amanda
I have ordered this personalized princess book now 3 separate times from Chronicle Books for my daughter, niece & step-daughter. I have been extremely pleased with the results every single time. I remember when I was growing up, the personalized books that were available were literally just names inserted with a typewriter! These books are awesome!! I would highly recommend purchasing any of them from Chronicle Books! All the girls adored them!! Love love love them!

Great personalized gift

6/25/13| Karen
I bought this book as a gift for my daughter's 5 year old friend. She loved, loved, loved this book- it was a big hit. My daughter had a lot of fun helping with customizing it for her friend (such as naming the horse, etc), and she was beyond excited to see it when it arrived. I intend to buy it again for another friend.

Loved it for my niece!

6/25/13| Stefanie
I saw this item through Yipit, and had to order it for my niece! I love the idea that you can personalize things especially since my name (Stefanie) isn't usually found in personalized items with my spelling.

I love this website and will definitely come back to buy more items for my friend's kids.

Princess Book

10/11/12| Beth
I love to give a personalized gift that people will remember who gave to them. I wanted something special for a little girl named "Teaghan" and I just "happened up" on My Chronicle Books while shopping online. I found the "Princess" book and was able to personalize it myself online and view before ordering. I was so pleased with how easy the instructions were, as well as the "final outcome" and felt that this was something Teaghan could read over and over and never tire of. I placed my order and hoped the book would meet my expectations and be just as beautiful "in person" as it was online. The book came without delays and it was BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS! I was astounded as to the quality of everything! I LOVE IT and can't wait to order more! You will NOT be disappointed in the book, or with the customer service of this company!

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